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    Birchbox UK – May 2019

    Birchbox UK May 2019 review

    I’m not sure how we’ve managed to get to June already, but I guess that’s the kick up the butt I need to write my Birchbox UK May 2019 review. (My first Birchbox unboxing as an engaged woman – if that’s a thing – oh, la!)

    As we slowly step into warmer temperatures (or so we hope), it’s about this time of the year where Birchbox sprinkle our boxes with summer inspired products.

    Birchbox UK May 2019 – unboxing video

    I’m not a fan of the butterfly box design or the cringey Spread Your Wings theme. It actually reminds my of the sickly wallpaper we had in our living room when we first bought our house. I got David to steam it off the next day.

    Anyway, we all have different tastes I suppose and I don’t think it’s much of a reflection to the products inside. (So I also have no idea where it’s come from.)

    Birchbox UK May 2019 – samples

    Rituals Sakura Hand Balm (FULL SIZE!)
    Well hello, I wasn’t expecting to receive this. I’m always happy to see a Rituals product in my Birchbox, especially if it’s a hand cream that’s smells as good as this one. Although I’ve found this is better to apply at night as the cherry blossom scent can be strong.

    Lottie London Blush Crush in Zayn

    Lord & Berry Eye Pencil
    Although we’ve received a few products from this brand, this feels a bit chucked in. This was our choice product in Birchbox UK May 2019 and if memory serves me right, the choice was between a black or purple pencil. I haven’t used eye pencils since high school, so I went for black, the colour I’ll most likely use if I were to pick an eye pencil up again.

    Mimitika Face SunScreen SPF 50
    Ahh, the first sign of summer in Birchbox! This isn’t anything to be sniffed at, as I get older I find SPF more and more important. Especially a good face sunscreen, which should replace your moisturiser in the warmer months – plus this is filled with Vitamin E which keeps my skin hydrated!

    Beautaniq Beauty Nourishing Mascara

    Lottie London Blush Crush (FULL SIZE!)
    I wasn’t expecting to see this in my box, and I’m quite impressed with it. For under a fiver, this provides a great buildable colour. It’s really a great size too, meaning it’ll last an age. A brilliant budget buy, in my opinion.

    Beautaniq Beauty Nourishing Mascara
    I’ll throw my hands up and admit that I wasn’t expecting much from this mascara. But now that I’ve tried it, I quite like it. I wouldn’t say it’s volumizing, but instead it gives me fluttery natural lashes that aren’t clumpy. I’m pondering buying it in full size.

    Unboxing Birchbox UK May 2019

    Box round up

    Fair to say, this box didn’t blow me away. But it still contained some little treasures that I’ll definitely be making use of. I never go anywhere without a hand cream (thanks to my cold, dry hands) and with hotter days coming I’ll be dipping into the face SPF.

    June sneak peak: there’ll be yet another Benefit sample on its way to me next month. While I receive a lot of Benefit products in my box, I actually enjoy trying them as they’re usually the new releases. So next month I’ll get to try Gimme Brow.

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    I have not been paid by, sponsored by or asked by Birchbox to make this blog post or video in any way – I just do it for the love!