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See ya 2017!

Happy new year!  I’ve already been back at work for four days (and survived), yet 2018 is already getting ahead of me.  I’ve posted about what I got for Christmas, but my 2017 highlights?  Ahh wait a second – I need to start looking back first!

This probably sums up how 2017 felt for me; quick!  Although I’ve made some pretty big achievements this year (okay, at least one comes to mind…) its passed so quickly, I’m not sure if they’ve really sunk in yet.

This is definitely something I’m guilty of as soon as New Year rings in I’m ready and focused (most of the time) on what I want to achieve in that upcoming year.  Instead I should be taking a breather and appreciating what I achieved in the year before it… it’s an endless cycle.  Here’s taking a stab at that, or simply my 2017 highlights!

Buying a house ?

I’ve been dipping out of other 2017 highlights posts that have been written in month order.  But screw that, I can’t wait until the end of summer to reminisce about David and I getting the keys to our first home together!

2017 highlights

We’d been saving for such a long time and it started to feel like we were never going to get on the property ladder.  But eventually, we scrapped together enough for a deposit and the whole process seemed to go through quite quickly.  (2017 was, as I said, quick!)

The next day we were literally ripping off the wallpaper and decorating our new place from scratch.  There’s still been some struggles on the way (particularly when building furniture from Ikea) and I don’t feel quite ready to post a house tour or video soon.  The house still has a long wag to go, but I feel relieved that we’re getting there, slowly but surely.  One payday at a time…  Oh and I used a drill for the first time.

2017 highlights selfie

Celebrations ?

There was plenty to celebration in 2017, including four weddings David and I attended!  (But no funerals thankfully!)  It’s always nice to share a special day with friends and it’s kind of surreal when that special day is your friends’ special day.

But, I can’t resist getting dressed up, because when else will I be able to?  (Spray tan, ASOS order and hair rollers in – check!)  I may have uploaded a few suited-and-booted couple snaps of David and I this year, which is a bonus (for me) as we don’t get many pictures of us.

David and I before a friend's wedding

We also celebrated David’s 30th this year – a date in the calendar he wasn’t too fussed about.  But instead of letting it pass by as ‘just another day’, I tried making it special for him.

One of the things I did was getting together with his parents making a photo album of his life so far.  (This sounds maybe a little too deep than as it sounds!)  It was a complete surprise for him, which he loved, before we swiftly enjoyed a few beverages at a local beer festival.

2017 highlights with my boyfriend


Travel has been a big part of my life, but since we’ve been saving for a house sadly its had to take a backseat.  Regardless of that, I’ve luckily still managed to afford a few short breaks this year.

I always have a great time when I meet up with my friend Lisa, a girl I’d met and lived with when I went backpacking.  We’ve met up every year ever since and this time we met in the French capital; Paris!  (Paris is always a good idea.)

2017 highlights Paris

Being my third time in the city, it was nice to see Lisa’s first Paris visit she soon fell in love with too.  Plus I got to see some more of Paris I missed last time, like the Palace of Versailles and going on top of the Arc de Triomphe.

David and I also managed to have a short break away together. Just after I got back from Paris (and moving into our house – it was an expensive end to the year!) we headed for Belgium, on an altogether different trip.

Tyne Cot Cemetary

We drove to Belgium and explored the First World War history in the area of Ypres.  This is a blog post I still need to write (it’s coming soon I promise!), but I realise it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  However I think it’s still important to remember and learning more about the war when we were there felt incredibly humbling.

Both of these trips do have something in common though; I drove abroad for the first time!  This definitely feels like a huge achievement, as I was feeling quite nervous about doing it.  But in another post I’m yet to write, it was a big confidence boost for me and I’m already thinking about where I’d like to drive to in Europe next!


Ever since 2015, I’ve tried to make it to Glastonbury every year and make it to Glastonbury this year I did!  Although buying our tickets through the resale, it was a teeth clenching time to say the least.  (If you’ve ever had the stress of buying a Glastonbury ticket through the resale then you’ll know.  You’ll just know.)


All of the panic was worth it though and I had another unforgettable time at Glastonbury.  From surviving the heat wave on the first day to dancing to Craig David’s Pyramid set, it was awesome.  There’ll certainly be a Glastonbury shaped hole this year, its fallow year.

There’s another gig I can’t miss out as one of my 2017 highlights too – Demon Dayz Festival at Dreamland Margate.  I live not far from Margate and I’ve been surprised (and delighted) at seeing how many big acts the seaside town has managed to pull in not just this year, but in the past few years.

2017 highlights Demon Dayz Festival

I bought tickets in a matter of minutes since hearing Gorillaz confirm Demon Dayz festival.  With a banging new album released (my official review) it was a day I was looking forward to and it lived up to expectations.

My brother and I went together, enjoyed a Red Stripe at Ziggy’s Rooftop Bar (pictured above) before heading into Dreamland and genuinely having an awesome day.  I love you, Margate!

Sunset behind Ferris Wheel at Dreamland Margate

Looking forward

Although I think 2018 might be a year where the dust settles (from all the busyness), this doesn’t mean it’ll be any less quiet.  I’m soon to be 29, which means 2018 will be the last year of my twenties (!) and I don’t plan to waste it.

This month I’ll be drawing up my ’30 before 30′ list with fun, yet practicle goals I aim to tick off throughout the year.  Watch this space.


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