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Groan… another 2018 highlights post. Truth be told I hadn’t planned to write one this year, it didn’t even pop into mind, but then I watched a few 2018 highlights instagram stories, so I thought ‘oh go on then’.

Having only written one highlights post before, in 2017, comparing the two has been interesting – if only because it hasn’t felt like a year has passed since I wrote the first one! So here it is, my year, in a blog post.

Flying High

Passenger in helicopter

David and I kicked off the year in the skies, when David went on his first helicopter lesson! I’d bought him a voucher in 2017 for his 30th birthday and although it cost me a bomb, there was a hidden perk…

Being a towering 6ft 4, a 2 person helicopter wouldn’t have been comfortable for David, which meant I had to book a voucher to redeem against a 4 person helicopter. The perk being that I was also allowed along for the ride in the back seat!

We felt so lucky that the company wasn’t far from where we live because this meant we could fly over our town AND spot our house! We even were able to see David’s parents and grandparents from their houses, who were waving from their back gardens.

Looking out of a helicopter window

It’s an experience we certainly won’t forget and the instructor told David that he showed good potential. Sadly we can’t afford the £40,000 needed to get David a pilot’s licence…

Breakfast in America

Since our helicopter flight, we were both counting down the days until we were flying to America! David’s family and I spent 2 glorious weeks in Florida this year, we hit up all the parks (Disney and Universal) and generally just had an amazing time.

It was my first time in America and now I’m hooked. Without revealing too much, it’s definitely influenced a holiday we’ve booked for 2019 – which we’re now counting down to.

Cinderella's castle Magic Kingdom

Discovering somewhere new

Networking at work led me to discover Le Touquet early last year – and also let me to attend a meeting there! Having enjoyed exploring the town in the few hours I spent there, I went back just 6/7 months later with David and his parents. (Thanks to a family friend who let us stay in their apartment!)

It’s hard to explain why Le Touquet such a special place, from its glamorous 1920’s architecture, dreamy coastal walks or of course the best French food available from its supermarkets, cafes, boulangeries and restaurants. It’s a place I’d still like to return to, even after visiting it twice in a year. (And buy a place in, if I ever won the lottery.)

Baie de canche in Le Touquet

Always a pleasure, never a chore

Having landed back in the UK from the states for a few days and celebrating the beautiful royal wedding, I was soon travelling back up to London to watch the Stones! Despite it being the second time I’ve seen them, I still felt lucky to watch such a legendary band (not to mention my favourite OF ALL TIME).

My mum came along with me and my dad this time, and she was so pleased she did. We all really enjoyed their set and left with so much love for the Stones!

The Rolling Stones London Stadium

Not a highlight, but…

I can’t look back on 2018 without reflecting partly on the car accident I was involved in. Without going too much into it, as it was a pretty shit thing to happen, it just showed me how life is unpredictable and yes, sometimes it gives you lemons.

From something bad came something good though and as my car was completely written off, I bought a newer, better car. I went for an Audi and it’s nice to hear people complimenting my car for once (which I’ve never had!). It makes the drives to work a bit more pleasurable, I suppose.

Bathroom goals

…we hit ours! The bathroom was the biggest job we needed to get done in our house – so I’m so glad we’ve managed to tick it off this year. We completely ripped out the old bathroom (well, we didn’t, the plumber did), and gave it a total renovation.

I’m yet to write a blog post and edit a video about it, so I won’t give too much away. I will say though, that I’m still smiling whenever I go in the room over a month afterwards.

B&Q tiles

2019, let’s be ‘avin ya

In last year’s post, I thought 2018 would be the year the dust settles from all the busyness – it hasn’t been, at all. Although it has been the first full year me and David have lived in our first house though, which, needless to say, has been awesome.

Despite being stretched financially this year (because of the bathroom and other unexpected things), we still managed to go on a big holiday, see Le Touquet and host a few get togethers in our humble abode. And that to me, is a great success. I’m looking forward to what 2019 will bring!


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