The 3 Best Hangover Cures


I’ve had my fair share of devastating hangovers.  The kind where I daren’t crawl out of the bed, the ones where I do and I feel fine, before it hits my later, much harder, usually on public transport.

I’m 28 now, which means I’ve had plenty of experience drinking and facing the day after.  Prevention is better than cure they say, but we all make mistakes.

Hair of the dog, downing your weight in water – everyone has their own hangover cures to get them moving again.  So, here’s mine.

1. A Fizzy Drink


Last Christmas, my sister got a book of foreign words that weren’t translatable into English.  Such as ‘hygge’, the Danish word that translates roughly to ‘cosiness’, ‘warmth’ and being round friends and family.

There should be a word for that incurable thirst you suffer with when you wake up with a hangover.  No matter how hard you hunt for it, there’s no drink that quite hits the spot for quenching your thirst.  Yet we still dream of that one remedy drink that gently cools away your hangover like some magical potion.

Well, fizzy drinks can come damn close to that, in my opinion, (and they pump sugar back into you too).  Plus, if you drink a Sprite it’s been proven to speed up your hangover by processing aldehyde dehydrogenase sooner, which is the stuff that makes you feel hungover.  (I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know that last bit until I read this article on the Guardian.)

2. Fast Food

McDonalds Double Cheeseburger

Who the hell craves a salad after a heavy night out?  Seriously, if you do then who the hell even are you?  I truly can’t put into words just how right it feels to eat fatty, greasy and, above all, unhealthy food when you’re putting all of your concentration into picking what to eat when you’re hangover.

I’m holding up a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger above, a personal favourite of mine.  But you really don’t have to feel limited in your choice for this part of my hangover cure.  The world really is your oyster.

McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, a greasy kebab or even Dominoes pizza.  Listen to what your body is telling you, usually it’s good at telling you what it craves.  Or, what it doesn’t want inside it anymore (ie chucking up in the toilet).

3. Ice Cream

Twister Ice Cream Best Hangover cures

Depending how gut-wrenchingly bad I feel when I wake up, sometimes I skip right to this hangover cure; ice cream.  In the same way a fizzy drink is the elixir of life, ice cream is like reaching nirvana.

I feel like it settles my body down, whilst weirdly cooling it down too.  If I had to pick a favourite, it really wouldn’t take me that long to choose.  A pack of “funsize” Twister lollies were always replenished stock at my house whilst at uni.  When I discovered them it was like  a revelation, and led me call out ‘get me a Twister lolly – STAT!’ whenever I woke up after a alcohol fuelled party.

Too Hungover to Read?  Watch the Video below!

I’ve told you mine, what are yours?

Hangover’s are a bitch.  Let’s not suffer alone, come together and share your favourite hangover cures below!  For example, these aren’t the only things I think make the best hangover cure.  If the opportunity presents itself (and I’m feeling up to it) I think swimming, or more like light paddling, can make me feel once again at peace.

If you know just the the thing in how to get over a hangover, or have a practised banging hangover remedy – please, please, share below!


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