3 Simple Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We all know Mother’s Day is all about sharing the love with your mama!  The idea struck me to write/film a Mother’s Day gift ideas post/video around the same time I was contacted by Imperial Candles.

Originally they wanted me to review one of their products – which is still on the horizon! – but, when looking over their candles I couldn’t help but feel it was a perfect Mother’s Day gift idea instead.

Et voila, the idea came to be!  A post and accompanying video about the best Mother’s Day gift ideas (from yours truly)!

3 Simple yet Cute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Flowers

The beauty of Mother’s Day being in March (or a little later for the rest of the world) is down to so many flowers beginning to bloom.  To me, it is literally the best time to buy flowers – especially tulips, as they tend to bloom quite early in the year anyway.

I find Marks & Spencers, whilst not particularly great at anything other than food and undies, sell a nice bunch of flowers.  They even offer dedicated arrangements for Mother’s day gift ideas and not anyone else!

2.  Restaurant Voucher

Myself and my family usually celebrate Mother’s Day by taking my mum (and sometimes my nan too!) out for a nice lunch somewhere.  Although, I know that’s not always possible with people living away from each other, or not having much spare time etc.

Restaurant vouchers are perfect if this is the case!  I actually bought this for someone as a Christmas present and the price wasn’t too out of hand either.  Now you only have to hope she’ll take you!

3.  Imperial Candle

Simple Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Okay this is where Imperial Candles come in.  Scented candles make a great gift anyway, we’ve all seen the surge in Yankee candles sales worldwide.  Well Imperial Candles, that are handmade in England and vegan friendly, have put a spin on the traditional candle.

Inside each Imperial Candle there’s a piece of jewellery hidden, with a jewel worth anywhere between £10 to £2,000!  That piece of jewellery – either a ring, a pair of earrings or necklace (you can choose which one, or leave it as a complete surprise) – is protected by a foil package.

No, I haven’t given this to my mum yet and so I don’t know how much her jewel is worth from her candle.  I will of course write a follow-up blog post when she gets down to it though!

I have not been paid or sponsored to make this post – Imperial Candles did however send me a candle to review and give my honest opinion to my subscribers (coming soon).  Just to clear things up!  


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