About Me

Late twenties part-time blogger, YouTuber, cereal fiend and Pokémon Red enthusiast.  I live in the south east of England and hop between the seaside and the big city (London) whenever I can.

Professionally, I’m a Social Media & Content Executive.  In my spare time I do much of the same; blogging and creating/editing videos.

About Me I am Small but the World is Big

Rewind a few years to 2010 and I graduated in a Journalism degree from the University of East London.  I worked in an unfulfilling insurance role before saving up a juicy amount of money to travel through Asia and Australia.  Now I’m home with my feet firmly on the ground, I’m trying to navigate my way into adulthood in the least boring way possible.

My content is focused on everyday beauty (the products I can use, not just a make up artist), as well as lifestyle (nights out, and how to get over the hangover the morning after) with a touch of travel (because my feet haven’t quite lost their itch yet…).


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