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Birchbox UK – August 2018

Birchbox UK August 2018 unboxing

Birchbox managed to keep their Etsy collaboration under wraps, didn’t they?! I really didn’t know what Birchbox UK had coming up for their August 2018 box until a few days before its dispatch.

Seriously, what a perfect pairing though – I’m surprised they haven’t collaborated before (correct me if I’m wrong). If anything is going to cheer me up after the the heatwave coming to an end, it’ll be this! (Or if the heatwave making a comeback…)

Birchbox UK August 2018 unboxing video

This month’s Birchbox comes in one of TEN beautifully designed boxes. Although Live a life beautiful doesn’t conjure up the collaboration, these designs certainly do. What’s more is each of these designs were created from Etsy sellers, which is so cool. (I’m all for promoting independent sellers and businesses in this way!)

Another good thing about Birchbox collaborating with brands is an offer always waiting inside. Birchbox UK August 2018 hasn’t broken that habit, more on that later, first here’s what I received in box!


While I was preoccupied with the excitement on finding out about the collaborator, there were actually some pretty impressive samples inside I wasn’t expecting.

  • Dirty Little Secret Eye Shadow Crayon (FULL-SIZE!)
    I always get the one product I knew was coming out the way first – not that this is a bad thing. At full-size, this full size eyeshadow stick is nearly the price of my box. When deciding which one to go for, I went for a colour I don’t already have; a shimmery copper. I did think it might be too much for a highlighter, but it applies quite light and is buildable as a shadow.Birchbox UK August 2018 samples
  • philosophy purity 3-in-1 cleanser
    I was initially quite intrigued by this sample. I don’t see many cleansers that promise to hydrate your skin, as well as cleanse and remove make up. After a few tries, I’m not sure if leaves my skin is left feeling completely hydrated, but it doesn’t leave my skin crying for serum or night oil straight after either (which is a good thing).
  • Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate Sleeping Mask (FULL-SIZE)
    I love getting a face mask in my Birchbox and although I doubted its full size status, I need only apply a thin layer before going to bed (which will last me a while). So I’m going to give this one a proper go (following the 2-3 times a week advice). After first try, my skin felt smooth after washing this off in my morning shower (on a Monday no less!).
  • Rituals Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel
    This smells absolutely gorgeous, it’s made by Rituals of course, so that’s no surprise. For a scented shower gel too I’m impressed I could still smell this on me at work a few hours later after using it.
  • Clē Melting Lip Powder
    Etsy is known as a craft site, so what are they doing collaborating with Birchbox (can make up and skincare be craft-y?). The answer is yes, as it turns out. You can see this is really powder in its packaging, but as soon as this touches your lips it melts into a lip stain. So weird, but quite cool too. I want to check out which other colours they might have!

Cleē melting lip stain

Clē melthing lip powder review

Added little extra: As I mentioned, there’s always a treat in store when Birchbox collaborate with a brand. What I find even cooler about Birchbox UK August 2018 is that Birchbox subscribers can get 15% off from the Etsy sellers that created the ten box designs. (Kudos to Birchbox for shining a spotlight on independent makers and sellers!)

Box round up

This month’s and last month’s box rewarded us Birchbox subscribers with TWO full size items, with this time cashing in at £25.40. Whilst this is over double the price I paid for my box, I’m most impressed with the way Etsy and Birchbox have worked together to promote independent sellers. Stricly talking about choice of samples though; the Dr. Botanicals face mask and Clē melthing lip powder win it for me.

September sneak peak: a familiar brand to our boxes pops up again. We’ll be given a choice out of two Benefit Box O’Powder products; California or Gold Rush. I’ve already picked mine!

Sign up and get 50% off your first box, right here.


I have not been paid by, sponsored by or asked by Birchbox to make this blog post or video in any way – I just do it for the love!

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