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Birchbox UK – February 2019

Birchbox UK February 2019 unboxing

Hello Birchbox UK February 2019 – it’s been a while hasn’t it? The last blog post I wrote about Birchbox was back in November. December went by in a flash with every weekend in the diary blocked out with a plan throughout it. Then January slipped by so quickly and before I knew it I’d turned 30 and we were on a plane to America! (A holiday we’d been counting down since the end of last year!)

Anyway, I won’t dwell on my lateness too much – I merely wanted to make the point that I’ve missed my review on Birchbox UK kicking off 2019 with a bang in January’s box. (I did film an unboxing video though.) With three full size items, the box had a total value of £36.39! But amazingly, Birchbox UK Februaruy 2019 has just topped that.

Birchbox UK February 2019 unboxing video

Valentine’s will always be February’s dominant theme, so Birchbox UK February 2019’s Let Love Grow is no surprise. They have collaborated with Not On The High Street though, which is a little different and believe me, you’ll be feeling the love when you see what’s inside this month.

EVERY item in this month’s box is FULL SIZE. Read that again, because I don’t think this has ever happened before. I’ve been subscribed to Birchbox now for over 4 years (jesus I’ve been a subscriber for 4 years?!) and I’ve received a box with ALL full size items in it!

Birchbox UK February 2019 samples

Alright, now I’ve got the ALL FULL SIZE ITEMS point across, I’ll now get into what these are…

LOC Liquid Shimmer Shadow (FULL SIZE!)
First up is a brand created by Birchbox; LOC, otherwise known as Love of Colour. I’ve liked the few products I’ve received from this brand, with my only gripe being a lack of the product within each them. The Liquid Shimmer Shadow is a little different though as the amount of product isn’t too stingy and good news about the quality – my opinion hasn’t faltered. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so glittery, but I’ve grown to like this – and yes, it really doesn’t crease.

LOC liquid shimmer shadow swatch

Anatomicals no one gets flirty with the dirty Shower Gel (FULL SIZE!)
Who doesn’t love these product names? Always fun and tongue-in-cheek, Anatomicals is a cheap and cheerful brand I’ve seen a couple times in my Birchbox too. This is a fairly standard shower gel (for £4, you get what you pay for), although I prefer the scent to another Anatomicals shower gel I’d received a while ago that was actually cheaper. Still, I’m not complaining much (it’s another full size item to add to the list).

Sebamed Clear Face Anti-Pimple Gel (FULL SIZE!)
I was quite pleased to see this inside my box. I still get spots, even at the age of 30, so I’m interested in any product to keep them at bay. After trying this out for a week, I’m not sure if it works on me (I had a pimple that grew into a spot, even after using this). So, the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel range from Boots remains my favourite.

Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Coconut & Fig Hair Masque (FULL SIZE!)
I’ve been wanting to try this brand for a while, so I was happy to find this in my box too. It done a great job on hydrating my hair, leaving minimal frizz (I wouldn’t say it was completely eliminated) and it smells lovely. I’d find it hard to stretch to the £34.90 for the 212ml tub, though.

Products available in Birchbox UK February 2019

Please ignore my dirty shower shelf…

Luxie 205 Tapered Blending Dreamcatcher (FULL SIZE!)
Naming a make up brush ‘dreamcatcher’ does nothing to tell me what the brush is used for. Anyway, this is in fact a very fluffy blending brush. So fluffy I reckon that it could blend out even the most subtle eyeshadow shading. I’ve only used it so far with the LOC Shimmer Shadow and it was good for that.

Box round up

Well I still can’t believe that every item is full size in this box. These total £36.39, which amazingly isn’t the highest amount (Birchbox November 2018 topples over this slightly). But it’s still a record broken for me, miss long-term subscriber over here. The variety of brands definitely score a few more points too.

March sneak peak: I am already looking forward to next month’s box, if only because the sample choice has intrigued me greatly. For my sample choice, I’ve picked between a Brightening Ultra Violet or Detoxifying Charcoal mask, both from Generation Clay. But that’s for me to talk about next month…

Tempted to buy a box? Sign up through this link and get 50% off your first box!


I have not been paid by, sponsored by or asked by Birchbox to make this blog post or video in any way – I just do it for the love!

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