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Birchbox UK – November 2018

Birchbox UK November 2018

I’m afraid I’m going to start my Birchbox UK November 2018 review on a slightly sour note. Mostly because I was supposed to be writing this review at least a week ago, alas my box was late.

I’m yet to receive an explanation for this (after tweeting @BirchboxUK I received only the response “it won’t be long”) Although I wanted to put this out there in case anyone too was having the same problem (which I’ve heard is this case). But don’t worry there is good news – namely that there are FOUR full size items in this month’s box!

Let’s get started…

Birchbox UK November 2018 unboxing video

The beautiful box design this month is down to Disney and their new film The Nutcracker. I suppose this should be the bit where I admit I’m not one of those Disney mad people. I mean, I LOVED Disney as a kid and I appreciate it now, but you know, I’m not one of those fanatics…

Anyway, I probably won’t see the film, but the design is rather pretty. I’ll give it that.

Birchbox UK November 2018 samples

So this is where the good news comes in; there are a whopping FOUR full size items inside this month’s box. (And they’re all fairly good products I’ll definitely use too.)

Birchbox UK November 2018

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Diamond Dust Roller Shadow (FULL SIZE!)

I’ll kick it off with the product I knew I’d be receiving this month, because I was given a choice out of which colour to pick. This isn’t the first Manna Kadar product I’ve received, and I have been impressed with some of this brand’s products. Initially I thought a rollerball eyeshadow was ingenious, but in practice it’s not so easy. I felt I needed to tidy it up by shading in another eyeshadow, as I wasn’t sure on the colour. But it was fun to try!


Having never tried a lip scrub before (I know), I was surprised to see this looked like a regular lip crayon. This makes it really easy to use and I don’t have to get my fingers dirty (great news). After just a few minutes on my lips I wiped the residue away with tissue and indeed was left with soft lips. (A miracle for me, especially in this cold weather.) And weirdly enough, it has sugary after-taste too.

Polaar Night Cream

I was dubious at the claim of this cream reacting “to the blue light of the moon to boost cell renewal”. But I gave it a whirl anyway of course. While I still doubt it’s moonlight giving powers, the smell and feel of applying it is pretty magical.

Birchbox November 2018 UK

Spacemasks Self-Heating Eye Mask (FULL SIZE!)

My Friday night; sorted. I had NO idea self-heating eye masks were so cheap. After a busy week at work I definitely feel the strain on my eyes, so this has came as a welcomed surprise. Having tried it though, I do have some feedback. Unfortunately for me, I have a tiny head, meaning the mask was a loose fit for me and I could only feel some heat. Perhaps a moulded, adjustable mask could solve the problem with my unusually tiny head? Just my thoughts…

Lottie London Slay All Day Longwear Lip Liner Pencil (FULL SIZE!)

I’m liking the shade of this lip liner, and it’s an extra bonus that I don’t already have one in this shade! Potentially a dupe of Mac’s hyped up Soar lip pencil (?), it’s creamy and could possibly be worn on it’s own. I couldn’t find a lipstick as dark as this in my collection, but I think I’ve managed to blend Mac’s Mehr lipstick with it above?

Box round up

So this is the best bit (drum roll please)… my box is worth a total of £37.40! I’ve quickly looked back on my Birchbox posts and playlists, and I can’t find another month when I’ve received four full size products. I also can’t find a box worth more than this one. So, in conclusion, Birchbox UK November 2018 has broken a few records!

December sneak peak: there will be at least one full size item next month (the last box of the year!). Depending on which colour I pick, one of two Laritzy Cosmetics liquid lipsticks will be packed inside Birchbox UK December 2018. It’s worth £20, which is over the total of my box already, so Christmas will be coming early!

Last treat before Christmas – sign up through this link here and get 50% off your first box!


I have not been paid by, sponsored by or asked by Birchbox to make this blog post or video in any way – I just do it for the love!

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