Imperial Candles Review

Imperial Candles Chocolate Orange Review

In my Mother’s Day gift ideas post I promised an Imperial Candles review, et voila!  Just a bit of a back story to begin with; I’m not very into candles, which is why I gifted this to my mum, who is!

Imperial Candles are hand poured in the UK, but aren’t your typical smelly candle (explanation incoming).  Being a surprise candle, there’s an extra little something in the form of a jewellery gift, contained inside.

This was a completely new concept to me (like I said, candle novice) and considering the jewellery surprise can range anywhere between £10 and £2,000, I thought it would make a great gift idea!  (Happy Mother’s Day mum.)

Imperial Candles Review

Imperial Candles Review

I was sent the Chocolate Orange scented candle, which I initially imagined to bask our home in sweet yet exotic scents of a faraway chocolate orange land.  Sadly, this wasn’t necessarily the case. I mistook the scent for my brother’s e-cigarette before noticing a little glow by the fireplace!

Chocolate Orange wouldn’t be a scent I’d choose personally, so I don’t want to dwell on this too much; it just wasn’t to my taste.  Nor my mum’s, however we both agreed it was strongly scented!

There’s two wicks inside and it took a few afternoons to get down to the jewellery, which was a fair while.  In total an Imperial Candle has 120 hours worth of burn time, which, to a candle beginner like me, sounds like forever!

Imperial Candles Jewellery

Imperial Candles Review earrings

I chose earrings, as I know my mum wears this type of jewellery the most.  But if you want a lucky dip option to leave this as a complete surprise, then this is also an option!  (The choices are earrings, a ring or a necklace – you can also choose your ring size.)

The thought occurred to me; candles with jewellery inside – how does that work?!  My mum’s soon-to-be new jewels were wrapped in foil to protect them from the obvious (namely flames and wax).  When we spotted foil emerging from the wax we plucked it out of the candle like hidden treasure and pealed away the protective casing.  I’ve got to say, this bit was quite exciting!

The result was the pictured above and below circular earrings, encrusted with jewels that centre a mauve/purple stone.  Quite to my mum’s taste!

Imperial Candles earrings

Imperial Candles earrings

A little tag will tell you the value of your jewellery and if you’ve hit the jackpot!  My mum’s earrings came in at £20, so we weren’t so lucky in hitting the top value, nevertheless my mum was still pleased with her new pair of earrings.


It’s a shame I wasn’t a fan of the scent, however I didn’t want this to affect my Imperial Candles review.  Judging by the strength of the scent itself, it was noticeable to me just by walking in from work.

For that reason, I’m intrigued to reach out and try another scented candle from Imperial Candles in the future.  In particular Pure Cotton, Mango Peach and Peony Pomegranate tempt me, so who knows, maybe I am a candle person after all.

The scent and general aroma felt like a stress release and as for a chance to add to my jewellery collection, it makes it all the more exciting.

I was sent a candle to write an Imperial Candles review.  Although this was free, all opinions expressed here are my own (and my mum’s).


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