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Well well well… it’s a weird thing turning 30 isn’t it? Not that I’ve turned 30 yet. It’s weird because I’m often told how young I look, to then see shocked faces when I reveal my age. And if we’re talking about what age I feel? I still don’t feel a day over 22. (No, not like that Taylor Swift song…)

But regardless of feeling my age or not, I turned 29 in January and decided sometime before it to set out a 30 before 30 list. Yes, it might be late, but I’m glad I’ve left it until now. I’ve watched/read other 30 before 30 lists to get me inspired and I’ve realised if I wrote it any earlier then I might have put down some unachieveable goals.

I’m talking about goals like; getting married, being successful in my career and starting a family, which are all great goals, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve never wanted to put an age on those type of goals, and I’m glad I didn’t. (Although I did tick off traveling, which would have definitely been on there…)

So my list might be a little different from the typically aspirational list. Instead, my 30 before 30 is more like a 30 things to do before 30. It’s more focused on practical goals and things I can do (and afford), which is critical as I only have just under a year to complete it…

30 before 30 list UK

My 30 before 30 list

  1. Go to a new country.
  2. Run 10km in under 1 hour.
  3. Learn new recipes (try 1 new recipe a week).
  4. Go on a boat tour of Canterbury.
  5. Learn how to make sushi.
  6. Make a new friend.
  7. Get better at French (and look into getting a qualification?).
  8. Read 30 books.
  9. See a London Theatre show.
  10. Hike a local area.
  11. Drive abroad again, at least once.
  12. Cycle to Margate (& back).
  13. Visit and explore Ramsgate Tunnels.
  14. Visit the Shell Grotto in Margate too.
  15. Go on a spa day.
  16. Go glamping.
  17. Eat at a fancy restaurant I’ve never been to.
  18. Visit London Zoo.
  19. Get another tattoo?
  20. Attend a secret cinema event or movie drive-in.
  21. Go meat-free for a week.
  22. Spend a weekend in Brighton.
  23. Treat myself to 1 beauty product a month.
  24. Meet my uni friend’s daughter.
  25. Plan my own 30th birthday party.
  26. Write a reflective blog post on my 20’s.
  27. Host a BBQ/party at our house.
  28.  ? ? ?
  29.  ? ? ?
  30.  ? ? ?

30 before 30 uk

Finishing my list

Clearly I haven’t finished my list yet. (Maybe one of my 30 things to do before 30 should be to actually finish my 30 before 30 list!) The real reason I’ve left 3 spaces is because I couldn’t think of any more. Although, there’s another benefit too.

As I begin to tick off my 30 before 30 list I’m bound to think of other things I wish I’d added to the list. So these last three points are reserved for any last-minute bursts of inspiration. (But I’m open to any suggestions too.)

And so it’s starting to feel real now. Filming my video (where I’ve added more detail on why I’ve picked my choices) and publishing this post; now it’s the time that I need to make a start on ticking these goals off! Wish me luck, I will be reporting back (in the form of vlogs and blogs).

Don’t be a stranger; if you’ve written or completed a 30 before 30 list don’t leave before leaving some of your ideas, thoughts and advice below!


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