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New Purchases Show & Tell – August 2018

New Purchases Show & Tell August 2018

I know, I know… my time management is seriously slacking. Yet again we are in a middle of the month when I’m writing (my now) New Purchases Show & Tell August 2018.

Since the start of summer (pretty much when I returned from Florida), I’ve been finding it hard to slow down… It’s been a while since I’ve caught up with recent posts from the blogs I follow and watched videos from my favourite YouTube subscriptions (something I do to relax).  This is mostly because I’ve been working full-time (and volunteering for overtime too), resulting in my free time becoming a very tight schedule. In the midst of this, my boyfriend and I are currently saving up for a new bathroom (exciting news) and we  have spontaneously booked a big holiday for the start of next year too (even more exciting news, but also more saving).

Summing up all of this; I haven’t been buying an awful lot recently, so I don’t have much to show. Although I did make one very big purchase this month…

New Purchases Show & Tell August 2018 video

Prepare for something a little bit different…

Audi A1 – 15 seconds in
Last month I told you that I was unfortunately involved in a car accident. My car was a write off and it was a pretty horrible experience, one I may think about writing about. But my first priority was to get back on the road and get back on the road I did – with an Audi A1.

Don’t worry, I’ll spare the finer detail of the car because a) this is not what my blog is about and b) I wouldn’t know them anyway. What I can say though is that I’m into reliable cars that are fuel efficient. After a few conversations with my dad, I decided this was the car for me. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s quite stylish too.

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Facial Wash – 1:41 minutes in
How random is my life right now. Buying a flash new car… and a face wash. Jokes aside, I’ve found that the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Spot Wand has worked wonders for my blemishes. Now that my skin has calmed down, I want to keep the spots away and this face wash is doing exactly that.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Refreshing Jelly Facial Wash

Next month…

I am budgeting for the next few months (due to saving for a new bathroom and the spontaneous holiday booking), so the purchases I do buy won’t be in big quantities (unlike last month).

Although with a smaller amount of money, my purchases should be will be more focused (and hopefully less random). I’ve already bought a hyped up book I’ve been dying to read and some sulfate and silicone-free haircare I can’t wait to try!


I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products. I just like to shop!

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