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New Purchases Show & Tell – February 2019

New purchases show & tell February 2019

Yikes. I’m starting with an apology to begin my New Purchases Show & Tell February 2019, because I posted a video for November 2018, but I didn’t write a write-up! Then I skipped both December and January’s video and post, which is completely my bad.

So, what’s been happening in my life to miss these? Well, we had our bathroom renovated which sucked up a lot of our money (hence not a lot of new purchases to show you). December was the same, with it being Christmas (typical!). I thought I was getting back on track in January but the boyfriend came down with flu, before recovering (to our great relief) just before our flight to America. In other words THINGS WERE BUSY! Okay?

Hysterics aside, I have included a few things I purchased since my last blog post so I’m not missing anything out.

New Purchases Show & Tell February 2019 video

Uniqlo Ultra Warm Down Coat

With temperatures predicted to be around -10 degrees when we were due to land in New York, I wanted to wrap up WARM! My last coat was from UNI QLO (and lasted me for 9 long years), so I went straight back there for a new one. This coat is their ‘warmest’ down coat and it definitely kept me feeling snug (despite the temperature not being quite as bad as predicted!).

Lonely Planet Pocket Guides

I know, I know – this isn’t the first time I’ve banged on about Lonely Planet guides. To plan a trip I look at different blog posts, Instagram and Pinterest, but I never go without some kind of guide book too. Lucky for me I scooped up a deal at for Black Friday. For a few days’ city break, these pocket guides are perfect.

Lonely Planet New York City Pocket Guide

Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook

Another repeat purchase, but for good reason! I was so impressed and happy with my bullet journal last year I had no hesitation buying the same notebook again. Ink doesn’t smudge or bleed through with Leuchtturm1917 and the ‘dotted’ pages create a much cleaner look (IMO). I need to order my next one in advance though, as at the end of December there were no black covers left in store (so I had to go with a navy!).


One of the reasons I struggled with keeping up with my bullet journal last year was because I coloured in the decorative parts of it with pencils (which took forever). Now I’ve halved the time I spend filling out headers, tables, etc by using these highlighters. As they’re pastel highlighters (not the original loud neon colours), they look just as good on the page as coloured in pencils.

New Purchases Show & Tell February 2019

Dorothy Perkins tops

One of my aims this year is to sort out my wardrobe and one of the areas where I needed a serious revamp was my work clothes. The style of Dorothy Perkins clothes isn’t usually my taste for everyday wear, but I find I like a few of their tops for work outfits. Plus they have a petite range, which always helps for shorties like me.

Miss Selfridge boots

My aim with clothes also extends to shoes – contrary to what seems like the norm, I’m a girl who doesn’t have many shoes, and I need to change that. Firstly, a pair of black ankle boots were sorely needed. These have a studded detail around the sole and are made from a suede-like material, so I feel these can dressed up or down. And they weren’t too shocking in price either.

Valentino shoulder bag

Valentino Bag

My old work bag was getting horrendous, it was frayed to pieces and made me feel/look like a scruff bag. On the off-chance, I decided to look at the bags in TK Maxx and had to pick my jaw up off the floor after seeing this Valentino bag available and for less than £100. It has simple detailing (black and gold details), which I think looks quite chic and not too showy. I love it!

Next month…

The coming year, not just the next month, is looking bright for me! As I said, house renovations took a priority last year, but with one major project done and dusted my money is mine to spend again. Meaning, I’ll look for some more clothes and shoes as my wardrobe needs a revamp.

But the house purchases haven’t come to an end, either. A few decorative bits (like cushions for the sofa, shelves for the understairs cupboard etc) will probably make an appearance. Maybe I’ll finally get round to sorting out the spare room, too…


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