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New Purchases Show & Tell – July 2018

New purchases show & tell July 2018

I realise we are half way through August as I write my New Purchases Show & Tell July 2018, but July has been quite a month. Not to mention the heatwave, with temperatures regularly hitting over 30 degrees last month I hadn’t seen a summer in England like it!

So I was on a high with all this sunshine and perhaps went overboard with spending while out clothes shopping. (I could rename this post to ‘clothing haul‘ and that would be just.)

New Purchases Show & Tell July 2018 video

Bring on the clothes…

H&M Crêpe trousers – 1:29 minutes in
When I’m shopping with my mum, I always end up taking home clothes I normally wouldn’t buy. These trousers are an example! I liked them, but I wasn’t too fussed if I left them on the hanger. But with a little encouragement to take them to the dressing room, they soon made their way to the till. (They’re part of H&M’s conscious range too!)

H&M Dress with a tie belt – 1:39 minutes in
Same with this dress, I wouldn’t usually buy a knee length dress in fear of looking frumpy. But once again, my mum remarked that it could be worn professionally at work and be quite cooling in the hot weather. I bought it – both what my mum said and the dress.

H&M Polka Dot Jersey Trousers – 1:51 minutes in
Laura Bradshaw is to blame for this purchase. (Although blame isn’t the right word, more ‘responsible’.) The combination of her featuring these in her Instagram stories and the fact they’re only £8.99 equalled me buying them, basically. (They’re super comfy.)

TopShop Rainbow Stripes Bodysuit – 2:17 minutes in
Sales in TopShop are always unpredictable; I can find a brilliant bargain, or something that’s been on my wishlist for months, reduced. Other times I just buy some of the random things, like this glittery rainbow bodysuit, which I probably won’t wear unless I’m at a music festival. Sad, but true.

TopShop Leopard Print Shorts – 2:35 minutes in
I only really bought these shorts because they were in the sale too, but I do like them. Despite being a tight fit (as they’re a size down), they feel quite summery and will probably see the light of day more times than the rainbow body.

TopShop PETITE Knot Popper Vest – 2:57 minutes in
This top, although pretty basic, was on my wishlist for a while. So in the mist of my little shopping spree I had to throw this in the bag too. It also comes in other colours; a pale pink, black and a stripey red – I want them all.

TopShop Printed Button Through Mini Dress – 3:14 minutes in
Would summer be summer without buying a floral TopShop dress? This is my 2018 edition, that I’ve grown to quite like. The tie-up straps are so pretty and it’s casual enough to pair with some trainers. Perfect for a BBQ outfit (an occasion I’ve already worn this to!).

TopShop red floral dress

Living Youth Sunglasses, TopShop Mini Dress, TOMS flat sandals

TopShop Classic Camisole Top – 3:31 minutes in
It sounds a little bit desperate, but being the last in my size, I did ask a store assistant to get this top of a manakin for me! Another basic top that is available in other colours, but it was this warm emerald green colour I couldn’t ignore.

TopShop Striped Bandeau Top – 3:59 minutes in
Okay, we’re nearly there, just one more to go. I’ve always shied away from boob tubes because I never felt comfortable in them. TopShop, however, have some really cute tops like this at the moment. Again it’s basic, but basic means a more affordable price tag!

Miss Selfridge PETITE Black Ditsy Print Top – 4:39 minutes in
Finally, the last bit of my spending spree that I wish I didn’t splash out so much on; this lovely little number from Miss Selfridge! Like a sister to TopShop, Miss Selfridge are often a brand I forget to check out, which is something I vow to change in future shopping. The top’s material is of good quality and a great fit.

Next month…

As I mentioned in the video, unfortunately I was involved in a car accident as well last month. The impact of this means my money might be a little tight in future months, while my insurance company tries to resolve this (maybe longer ?).

But, I will continue on with this series and show you whatever I have bought, which might not be as many items as this post was. But it’ll be interesting at least.


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