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New Purchases Show & Tell – May 2018

New Purchases Show & Tell May 2018

Since vowing to post a video every day in June, my spare time has diminished. Hence the reason I’m late in posting this; an excuse, but a valid one. (I’ve really got to stop starting my blog posts this way.)

There are some holiday leftovers in my New Purchases Show & Tell May 2018. I mean, as I was out of the country for nearly half the month, there’s bound to be. But I’m saving all the purchases I bought while on holiday in a separate post and video. (I went to America and I went to SEPHORA! So this deserves its own post right?)

New Purchases Show & Tell May 2018 video

So here’s what I’ve been buying either side of my holiday…

Ultrasun Tan Activator Body 30SPF + Ultrasun Face 50+SPF – 24 seconds in
I was sold on Ultrasun after listening to Emma Gun’s podcast with the UK CEO. The level of protection, no greasiness and still catching a bit of a tan ALL attracted me to this product. The result; I was definitely protected, there was no grease in sight, although I’m not sure about the tanning bit… I wasn’t exactly sunbathing every day, but I didn’t tan much either (but then I rarely do).

ASOS Petite V-Neck Swing T-Shirt – 1:44 minutes in
I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect, white simple t-shirt, which is slightly loose-fitted with a V-neck for a while. (I know, not TOO much to ask for.) Every option I ordered came and was sent back, mostly down to the material being too transparent. To be honest, this ASOS option isn’t the best (it’s still a bit see-through), but it’ll do.

New purchases Show & Tell May 2018

ASOS Petite high waisted denim skirt – 2:32 minutes in
I’m really into denim skirts at the moment. I often wear another denim skirt I got from ASOS too, so when this popped up under What’s New it spurred on an ASOS order! It’s a little different to the other denim skirt I own. With pockets in the front and back, it has a front fastening and is a lighter denim in colour. As predicted, I’ve been wearing almost non-stop since ordering it.

Missguided Petite Polka Dot Playsuit – 2:53 minutes in
I think Missguided are getting their mojo back… I’ve not really felt drawn to their clothes for a while (they were too Kardashian for me, personally). But now it seems they’re back onto cute playsuits (like this one!) and other summery prints.

ASOS Toucan Wedge Sandals – 3:39 minutes in
Writing this post has made me realise I’ve gone and bought a whole outfit at ASOS. Haha! I did need some new shoes though, because I always get distracted by pretty dresses and playsuits (see above). So it’s time to focus on the day-to-day basics, and, more importantly, SHOES. These are perfect – a platform heel, which is flat and comfortable to wear. I have no idea what the link is to the tropical bird though (anyone know?).

New purchases Show & Tell May 2018

A Passage to India by E.M. Forster – 4:30 minutes in
After getting a few books read and added to my Reading Challenge whilst away in Florida, I needed a new read. I know that this is considered a classic and it’s set in an exotic country I’d love to visit one day, which are two good reasons why I’ve downloaded A Passage to India. Plus it isn’t too expensive on the Kindle store generally. Bonus!

Next month…

Florida is over and we don’t have another holiday planned for the rest of the year (yet). Although we do have the Great British Summer to look forward to. (If and when it appears.) It’ll be our first summer in our new house since moving in, so hosting a BBQ is in our sights. (Although first we’ll need to BUY an actual BBQ.)

And if ASOS keep coming up with the good stuff (as they have been in my recent ‘What’s New’ checks), then there could well be another ASOS order on its way to me… we’ll see.


I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products. I just like to shop!

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