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New Purchases Show & Tell – November 2017

New Purchases Show & Tell November 2017

I’ve made the same mistake as I did last year in my New Purchases Show & Tell November 2016, I haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet and I’m leaving it all to do in December.  Shit.  I need to break this habit.

So, if I haven’t been spending my money on gifts for the big pig-out day in December then what have I been doing?  Well, I went to Belgium.

David and I spent a few days away, which funnily enough we did the same thing last year when we went to Edinburgh.  (Although this is a habit that doesn’t urgently need breaking…)  But I accidentally slipped and fell into some Black Friday deals too.  So some of my money went there, witness below.

New Purchases Show & Tell November 2017

So here’s what I’ve been spending my monthly pay on:

Back2Front Holiday House (AirBnb) – 39 seconds in
David and I went to Ypres, a place we’ve wanted to explore for a while for its First World War history.  (We like our historical holidays…)  I really wanted to highlight our Airbnb from our trip because it was great value!  It was placed conveniently out of town and nestled within the countryside.  It was quiet, peaceful and just right for us to explore Ypres and the areas around it.  (I will do a blog post on this soon, don’t worry.)

Fashion Union Petite High Neck Top In Velvet – 1:38 minutes in
Back to the usual products you typically see me buying, month in month out…  When I first saw this top flicking through my ASOS app, I knew it was ‘the one’ for my work’s Christmas party too.  That, and a kind of ‘alternative’ but classy Christmas jumper.  I don’t know why I couldn’t see that it was velvet from the website, or that the ‘ball balls’ were actually pearls (fake ones of course).  Both pleasantly surprised me though and made me love this top more.

New Purchases Show & Tell November 2017

TopShop PETITE Dobby Trim T-Shirt – 3:51 minutes in
Okay, in comes the Black Friday items I couldn’t resist.  No surprises they’re all from TopShop (I can never resist their sales).  This was a basic top I spotted a while back, but felt it was maybe a little pricey for what it was.  (I was just being tight probably – I have a mortgage to pay!)  Thankfully I whipped it up in the sale with £10 off – the sleeves are so pretty!

TopShop PETITE Stitchy Knitted T-Shirt – 4:30 minutes in
I caught sight of this top before it went into the sale too, but same story above; I was trying to save money, so I didn’t splash out on it, blah blah blah.  This top was slightly more expensive though (at £26) but was knocked down to the same price of £12.  Bargain, and so versatile!

New Purchases Show & Tell November 2017

TopShop PETITE Floral Cupped Body – 5:00 minutes in
As is the case with most sales, even Black Friday sales, you end up buying an item completely out of season.  Like this, very summery body.  The kind of thing I should be wearing out in California or somewhere, rather than folding it away and hoping for a heatwave in Britain.  It was cheap as chips though (by TopShop standards) – £8!

Next month…

Oh lord, Christ was born… on Christmas Day… which is this month!  I’ve really got to pull my socks up and whip my debit cards out, through Amazon, shopping and anywhere else to start ticking off my Christmas list.

As I did last New Purchases Show & Tell December 2016, I’ll be bringing you this December’s video and post a little earlier than usual.  In it, I will divulge all the gifts I’ve bought for friends and family, in case you need any last minute gift inspiration.  (Which if you do, you’re worse than me.)

New Purchases Show & Tell November 2017

I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products.  I just like to shop!


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