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New Purchases Show & Tell – October 2018

New Purchases October 2018

While I try and get over the fact I’m writing my New Purchases Show & Tell October 2018 already, let me look back on this month. David and I are edging closer to our bathroom renovation (it’s happening next month people!) and we’ve now paid off our holiday, which is happening early next year. (Although we need to save some spending money too yet!)

Thankfully, this has released a little amount of money for me to spend as I please. By the way, FYI, I’ve decided not to include any bathroom purchases in this monthly post and video. Instead I will go through EVERYTHING about our bathroom in a separate post, and video. So here’s what I’ve been spending my money on otherwise, frivolous or not…

New Purchases Show & Tell October 2018 video

Skinny Dip Sunset Case

I’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone 7 (I did want an iPhone 8, or an iPhone X, but I can’t afford it). So naturally I needed a new phone case. Phone cases are my thing, I’ve had a few in the past – including lemons, glitter flamingos and even a cat with ears. I guess I’ve gone a little more “understated” this time with this case, but at least there’s still some glitter here.

Skinny Dip iPhone 7 case review

TopShop PETITE Floral Print Playsuit

I wasn’t expecting to order any new clothes this month, but then the TopShop sale just dropped and I chose not to resist it. There was £26 off this floral playsuit, meaning I bagged it for £10! It didn’t cry out to me on the website, but in person I’ve grown to quite like it. It looks quite sixties and has on-trend frills on the sleeves, neck line and bottom. (These deductions are still running now so check them out if you like what you see!)

New Purchases Show & Tell October 2018

TopShop PETITE Knot Front T-Shirt

Im not sure if you’ve noticed me wearing a lot of basic white tee’s in my videos, but I’m a big fan. So I also picked up another simple t-shirt, which has a tie-up knot on the front (hey, at least it’s a bit different to my other 5!). This was £12, down to £7, so a fiver off – bargain. Although I don’t think I’ll be wearing outside the house until we’re out of winter and back into spring…

New Purchases Show & Tell October 2018

A Star is Born

Oh my god. I cannot end this post without first mentioning a film I went to go see this month. It was of course, Bradley Cooper’s and Lady GaGa’s A Star Is Born. They were both so incredible in this film and to be absolutely honest I’ve not stopped thinking about it since. I got a bit teary in the cinema whilst watching it, but I could literally still cry now thinking about the story and the characters… urgh. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack either. It’s my film of the year. No contest.

Next month…

With all the money for the bathroom being out of the way next month, my money is mine again *crosses hands in a Mr Burns like gesture*. While I should probably start getting Christmas presents, the excitement of having a new bathroom may envelope me and force me to buy some lovely new towels.

Alternatively, I might get sucked up into some Black Friday bargains. (I do need a new coat…)


I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products. I just like to shop!

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