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New Purchases Show & Tell – September 2018

New purchases show & tell September 2018

Sliding in on time this month with my New Purchases Show & Tell September 2018. I think I’m finally back on track with blogging and my YouTube videos! It’s amazing what I can achieve when my weekends are free of plans (read in a sarcastic tone).

I’ve not been a total house hermit all month however, I also managed to squeeze in a quick 3 night trip away this month. (Video and blog posts to come soon!) But I am still on a spending lockdown, so although I’ve not been buying much, I think I’ve been spending my money more wisely and sticking to things that I really need/want.

New Purchases Show & Tell September 2018 video

Here’s a flavour of how my month went, in the form of my most recent purchases:

Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton – 30 seconds in
Dolly’s memoir has been on my radar for a little while. But I didn’t have the urgency to buy it until my hairdresser was literally in my face telling me to buy it. (It’s okay, we’re friends!) I don’t want to give too much away, or ruin anyone’s excitement to read a hyped up book by naming spoilers in disguise of my favourite parts (I’ll wait until my Reading Challenge for that!). But oh, my, god. If you were the kind of girl who partied into the morning hours at university, and wondered why some of your friends were settling down so young, but at the same time why you hadn’t met anyone yet, then you need to read this book.

New Purchases Show & Tell September 2018

IGK Hot Girls Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner – 1:52 minutes in
For the past year, I’ve been using the same sulphate and silicone free shampoo and conditioner. So when I saw Lily Pebble praising a brand (and range) I hadn’t heard of, it intrigued me enough to give it a try. I don’t want to sound OTT here… but this might be my dream shampoo and conditioner. I’ve actually found the one! My hair hasn’t felt so hydrated after a wash and (and it’s a big AAAAND), I had very little frizz. This is a big deal for me – HUGE. Review to come.

Next month…

From here until Christmas, it’s spending lockdown (as I’ve already mentioned). Our bathroom is scheduled to be renovated in November and then it’s all downhill to the dreaded C of Christmas. I will get more excited nearer the time, trust me, but until then I’m taking October and November as they come! (Financially, that is.)

I did buy a new phone this month too, which I need a new cover for. A phone case is always a product I enjoy searching for and trying to find the ‘perfect one’ – I mean, check out my last one, how am I going to top that? As we’re getting closer to our saving goal though, this might leave some other disposable money for myself. I hope…


I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products. I just like to shop!

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