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Why I won’t be setting myself a Reading Challenge in 2019


Since I’ve started to set myself reading challenges (back in 2016, 2017 and 2018) I’ve not been… err completing them. To be honest, I should have set more realistic targets for myself. (Particularly in 2018 when I knew I wasn’t going to really read 30 books.)

Mild embarrassment aside, I’ve looked back on my reading challenges and have learnt a few things. Such as when it gets down to the crunch (at the end of the year when I’m trying to reach my target), I start looking for books with a low amount of page numbers. Although I still try to pick the books I’ve wanted to read, I feel like I’m abandoning others I’ve had on my reading wishlist for years.

No Reading Challenge 2019?

I don’t want to be trying to read books as quick as I can in 2019. I’d rather read a book at my own speed and enjoy it at my own pace – and not have to worry how many pages it has. So I won’t be aiming high with how many books I want to read, although I might still set a Reading Challenge for 2019 for around 20 books, I’m not going to be strict with myself about it.


A lower target will keep the pressure off and give me more flexibility in the choice of book I want to read. Continue reading the Game of Thrones books? This year I can do that. Stop scouring the Kindle deals for books with a low amount of pages? Yep, this habit will be no more. Finally read War and Peace? Okay one step at a time…

Read and to-read

Down to me not setting an official Reading Challenge 2019, I’ve decided that I still want to report back on what I’ve been reading somehow. So instead of my usual posts, I plan to write quarterly reading updates. And now that I’ve taken the pressure off to give me a bigger choice of which books I want to read, I might be able to include a ‘to-read/what’s next’ section too! Got any recommendations?

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