New Purchases Show & Tell – September 2017

New Purchases Show & Tell September 2017

The big news has finally been revealed; my boyfriend and I are officially homeowners. With a mortgage to start paying and a house to look after, it’s no surprise my New Purchases Show & Tell September 2017 is filled with buys that reflect that.

Looking back on my New Purchases Show & Tell for last year however, I was buying clothes for a new job and still reminiscing about Adele’s set at Glastonbury.  What a difference a year makes…

New Purchases Show & Tell September 2017 video

Dulux Once Paint – 49 seconds in
I lol at just typing this item into my post – I mean, who puts PAINT in their monthly favourites/new purchases?!  But it’s true, this paint saves SO MUCH TIME when painting white walls.  After giving our living room 5 coats at least, with the usual matte paint, it’s the room that has taken us the longest to decorate.  Whereas our bedroom only took 2 coats!  I rest my case.

Ikea Vimle 3-seat Sofa – 1:25 minutes in
I’ve been looking forward to the day I first stepped into an Ikea store since we decided to move out.  Having never been in one before, it was an interior heaven, but also a bit of an interior hell.  I explain more in my house vlogs, but what’s important is that we successful bought a banging yellow sofa.  I absolutely love it!

Simba mattress – 2:17 minutes in
I was so relieved David agreed with me when I said it’s worth spending a little bit more on a bed, considering the average human might spend up to 25 years of their time sleeping in it.  So after weeks of being targeted by Simba mattress ads on social media, I caved in.  But, after all, they did sound damn comfy and if we aren’t sure after 100 sleeps, we can send it back.  Although I doubt we’ll be doing that.

New Purchases Show & Tell September 2017

Stylus pens – 3:05 mintes in
Okay, this is a bit random, but I can explain.  After attempting several times to achieve that ‘cool’ handwritten look in my Instagram stories, and failing, I’ve bought these stylus pens.  I’m convinced Instagrammer’s must use these in their Instagram stories for that pretty handwriting, which is impossible to draw with just your finger.  Hence why I’ve bought these, here’s hoping I’ve figured out their secret.

ASOS PETITE Stretch Skinny Trousers – 4:08 minutes
In my previous New Purchases Show & Tell post for August, I could have pretty much renamed it WHAT I WORE instead (there was a lot of clothing buys!).  However, this month I’ve hardly bought any clothing (although I haven been weeping inside when I check the ‘New In’ section in the ASOS and TopShop apps.)  For £7.50, I had to whip these up and I’m glad I did!  They’re a skinny fit, without the uncomfortable digging in, making this bargain entirely worth it.

New Purchases Show & Tell September 2017

Next month… 

I feel like my New Purchases Show & Tell September 2017 has been a really weird one.  I’ve still not got over the fact I’ve included a tin of paint and a mattress in this, but don’t worry, I think next month I’ll be back to my normal purchases.

I’m also planning to go away at the end of the month, so I’ll be buying some travel purchases too.  (Although after spending a lot on the house, don’t expect this to be anywhere far flung.  A clue: it’s somewhere just a hop on a train away…)

I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products.  I just like to shop!


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New Purchases Show & Tell – August 2017

New Purchases Show & Tell August 2017

And just like that – poof! – it’s my New Purchases Show & Tell August 2017.  Every weekend was booked this month for me to attend some form of social do.  So, to rise to the occasion (pun intended) I had to get myself all dolled up and prepared.

I attended 2 weddings, a hen do and a day trip up to London – I had no weekend free! The weddings in particular required some new classy robes and so I hope you don’t mind that this month will be heavily clothes related.  (I did warn ya!)

New Purchases Show & Tell August 2017 video

City Goddess Petite Wrap Midi Dress – 30 seconds in
Let’s do this in order… Here’s the dress I wore to the first wedding, at the beginning of the month.  I made a big ol’ Asos order compiled of many dresses before whittling it down to this mint midi dress.  In fact I still wasn’t 100% about it until I wore it on the day, then I couldn’t be more pleased.  I felt super classy and it definitely has wearability for another summer wedding (maybe next year).

Little Mistress Petite Prom Skater Dress – 1:42 minutes in
The very next weekend we attended another wedding.  I had yellow in mind for this one, although I made another big ASOS order that included a variety of colours.  And so after another elimination process this pastel yellow prom dress was the winner.  (Despite the fact I wasn’t keen on the embellishment and the bridesmaid’s dresses were also yellow.  Oops.)

New Purhcases Show & Tell August 2017

TopShop PETITE Pinstar Knot Mini Slip Dress – 2:38 minutes in
…and here’s the part of my New Purchases Show & Tell August 2017 post where my weakness for TopShop is clear to see.  I wore this to the hen do I mentioned, but I would have bought this regardless.  I love the tie-up and cut out detailing, it’s described as a slip dress too so I’m thinking I can wear a t-shirt underneath it in autumn too?

TopShop PETITE Floral Dress – 3:14 minutes in
I’d kept my eyes on this little floral number for a few months.  When I saw the original price (around £40) I kept my cool and was like nope, that can wait until the price drops and drop it did.  I whipped it up for £18; what a win.

TopShop PETITE Spot & Floral Print Jumpsuit – 3:55 minutes in
This wasn’t in the sale, but I got it anyway, can you blame me?  Being a short ass I often miss out on jumpsuits as they’re just too long for me.  Thank heavens for this being in the TopShop Petite range then, with a brilliant print to boot too.

New Purchases Show & Tell August 2017

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation – 4:14 minutes in
Oh my god.  This foundation.  I now question myself on why it took me so long to buy it.  The coverage is literally so smooth, even with applying with a brush (rather than a beauty blender).  I implore anyone to give it a try.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – 5:04 minutes in
One final note/purchase, which is yet another book from the Kindle store.  I think I mistakenly said in the video that this was in the monthly deals in the Kindle store for 99p, but it might have actually been in the daily deals.  (As I can’t find it in the monthly deals now.  Apologies if you’ve missed it.)  I’ve watched the film, which I thought had a rushed start, but a better end half.  So I thought I’d give the book a go.

Next month…

As mentioned, David and I have made a very important purchase recently, which I haven’t included in my New Purchases Show & Tell August 2017.  (Reason being is because I want to dedicate a separate video (and maybe post?) for this.  Yes, it’s that important!)

Without giving too much away (which I probably already have), there will be some a lot of purchases to be made because of this.  All will be revealed soon…

I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products.  I just like to shop!


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New Purchases Show & Tell – July 2017

New Purchases Show & Tell July 2017

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started this series!  My New Purchases Show & Tell July 2017 officially marks the series’ first anniversary and yes, I have decided to celebrate.  (By hosting a giveaway competition no less – keep reading to find out how you can enter!)

This month I had my boyfriends 30th birthday (yes the big 3-0!).  After much planning (and sneaking around), his parents and I managed to create a 30th birthday photo book!  It was such a great present to make and I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when I finally gave it to him.

Other than that, I’ve been making the usual I-probably-shouldn’t-be-spending-money-on-this purchases…  So let’s delve in!

New Purchases Show & Tell July 2017

Truprint Photo Book – 26 seconds in
Okay so I’ve already gushed about this, but I’m honestly quite pleased on how it turned out.  I think this makes a great gift idea for those big birthdays, or even other occasions in fact.  Using Truprint was easy as there’s pre-arranged layouts you can drop your photos into.  You can add text, illustrations and filters too and it is so much quicker than making a homemade scrapbook!

ASOS Flery Leather Flat Sandals – 1:19 minutes in
Is it just me who’s been putting off wearing sandals?  I just felt my feet looked weird flat and I’d never give up my comfy trainers.  However, when the weather really heated up a month of so ago, even my trainers were too hot to wear.  I caved in and you know what, sandals are so much cooler (I know, shock) and I guess my exposed feet don’t look that weird when they’re flat?


TopShop Bag -1:57 minutes in
How classy is this bag?  I picked this up in the TopShop sale in store, I can’t find it on the website.  I find I wear these over the shoulder bags the most and this one is a great size for my essentials; namely my purse (it’s a massive one), phone and keys!

H&M Short Shorts – 2:26 minutes in
I tend to show off the cute dresses, going out outfits and fashionable clothes I buy in my New Purchases Show & Tell series.  But lo and behold – a casual just-for-round-the-house item has finally made it in!  If I’m not planning to see another human being ALL DAY then this is something I tend wear with a t-shirt.  Ahh, so comfy.

H&M Spotted Dress – 2:43 minutes in
H&M have really hooked me back in recently, in a big way.  As I’ve said previously on this series, I felt for a long time I just wasn’t inspired by any of their clothes.  But now things have changed and they’re going back up in my standards!  I think this dress is just so cute, and it was only £14.99.  (!)

Truprint Photobook review

ASOS PETITE Mini Tea Dress – 2:58 minutes in
I feel like if you don’t snatch something up on ASOS lately then you’re chance is gone!  ASOS must be doing seriously well atm… Anyway, I’m probably not short of your typical floral dress, but I bought one just in case and I feel like I could wear this to work too.

ASOS PETITE Denim Shirt – 3:16 minutes in
I have been on the hunt for a denim shirt for what feels like an age.  I’ve tried plenty on, but just felt like I got a bit fussy with them.  I didn’t want any embellishments, frays or crazy embroidery… and ASOS once again delivered. (The next day too!)

GIVEAWAY & Next Month…


Right, onto the GOOD stuff!  As I’ve been dutifully filming and blogging my series for a year now, I want to mark the anniversary with a celebratory giveaway!  I’m giving away a £30 Spotify voucher (which I know doesn’t sound like much, but that’s 3 months of Spotify Premium people!)

To enter: please comment on my New Purchases Show & Tell July 2017 video here – and that’s it! If you’re not sure what to comment I have asked for which item you’ve enjoyed the most watching in this WHOLE series.  Or you could recommend me something you think I might like?

Plus, I’ll give you an extra chance of winner if you’re a reader of my blog – comment here too for an extra entry!   The winner will be announced in my next New Purchases Show & Tell video and over on my Facebook page.  (Link below if you haven’t done so yet!)

As we’re already well into “next month”, I have a pretty good idea on what is coming up – WEDDING GUEST DRESSES!  And spray tans…

I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products.  I just like to shop!


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New Purchases Show & Tell – December 2016


Catch up & watch

I did it!  I told you I would bring you my New Purchases Show & Tell December 2016 video and blog post before Christmas and here it is…

Of course I naturally post this series towards the very end of the month, but what with it being Christmas I thought otherwise.

A lot of things I’ve been buying this month have inevitably been Christmas gifts, so if you need any last minute ideas here’s a helping hand.

The Chase Board Game – 40 seconds in
The brother bloomin’ loves The Chase!  He races home from work to catch it, hilariously, so I had to buy him this.  It’s also a great idea to fill the time between finishing opening presents and waiting for Christmas dinner.  (Cos we all know that can feel like an age!)

Who Am I? Game – 1:26 minutes in
Onto my sister, she can be a difficult one.  Using my previous present inspiration in getting a game I saw this.  Not only for Christmas I thought she could play around with these with her flatmates when staying in having a drink.  Quite Instagram worthy too, which leads me too…

Glass Coasters for Instant Photos – 2:04 minutes in
My sister takes some great Instagram pictures, so what better way to show them off around the house than with some coasters?  Of course she’d have to print them first, or use her Fuji Instant camera to fill them up.  (Tip: I saw these on both Urban Outfitters and Asos, but they were half the price on Amazon. )

One Line A Day: Five-Year Memory Book – 2:27 minutes in
I so want this for myself now.  If you have anyone creative you still need to get a little something for then this is quite a unique idea.  The owner writes one line per day, then when he/she starts again next year they can read back on last year’s lines.  And so on, for five years, like a drive-thru diary?  (Tip: again this is cheaper on Amazon than Urban Outfitters. )

The Science of Interstellar by Kip Thorne – 3:01 minutes in
With another Star Warms film out you may know some diehard science-fiction loving fans out there.  This is supposedly not fiction I know, but it would suit anyone who bloody loves space, black holes and all the rest of it.  Foreword by Christopher Nolan too!

A 3 month Audible gift voucher – 4:03 minutes in
Finally for my Dad, who has a full-time driving job.  He likes to read books but can’t read when he’s driving (obviously).  He’s gone through all the audiobooks in our local library so I thought this would be a great gift for him.  It could also be good for podcast lovers who have long commutes.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Unifiant – 5:09 minutes
Enough with the Christmas gifts now!  Did you really think I’d make a New Purchases Show & Tell December 2016 series without buying anything for myself?  La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Duo is like a serum.  It clears up acne, blemishes and keeps them way at bay, trust me.  I had a sample and declare it a godsend.  Now, however, they’ve added this to a tinted moistruiser – I think all my skincare prayers have been answered!

ASOS Short Turn Up Pom Beanie / Flight tickets to Edinburgh – 6:02 minutes in
Mine and David’s main presents for each other for Christmas were flight tickets/a mini-holiday!  I can’t believe we haven’t thought of this before because we love traveling and getting away.  We decided on Edinburgh and watching some vlogs on YouTube it quickly become apparent how cold it is up there.  Hence this comfy ASOS hat.

So I fulfilled my promise of bringing you this blog post a bit early, in case you need any last minute gift inspiration.

Let me know if I have inspired you in the comments below and as always please leave any recommendations.  Until next year!

I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products.  I just like to shop!

F O L L O W  M E:

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3 Petite Dresses Perfect for Christmas Parties

Take a quick look at your diary, have you got any Friday’s free in December before Christmas?

I know I haven’t, in fact my diary is already full of work Christmas parties, or old people I used to work with Christmas drinks and other ‘because it’s nearly Christmas’ excuses to get together with.

Tis the season and all that.  Despite watching my bank balance take a fatal nosedive at this time of the year, what I do love is the dresses.  When else can you get away with gold sequins or glitter adorned dresses that would make even the 90’s jealous?

And for that reason, here are some my the best Christmas dresses I’ve seen out at the moment.  (I may or may not buy them all):

1. John Zack Petite Lace Bodice Chiffon Skater Dress

John Zack Petite Lace Bodice Chiffon Skater Dress

Nothing gleams of Christmas quite like this type of red.  When scrolling through my ASOS app this dress shone out brighter than a star on top of a Christmas tree.  Perfect for corporate office Christmas balls, with a lopsided gold Christmas cracker crown after a few wines into the evening.  See more over on ASOS here.

2.  ASOS PETITE Embellished Floral Flutter Sleeve Skater Mini

ASOS PETITE Embellished Floral Flutter Sleeve Skater Mini


Navy isn’t praised enough around this time of year, especially when combined with gold beads and sequins.  What makes this dress especially wishlist worthy (at the very least) is the goregous 70s inspired winged sleeves.  Something to make you feel as cool as Stevie Nicks.  See more over on ASOS here.

3.  Boohoo Petite Isobel Crushed Velvet Wrap Bodycon Dress

Missguided Petite Isobel Crushed Velvet Wrap Bodycon Dress at


Okay this dress choice might have thrown you, but can you really see crushed velvet looking as good in summer?  Nope me neither.  The fact that both the material and this on-trend colour is bound to fade out soon should get you wanting to wear it before something like camo comes back.  (Oh wait, camo is already back urgh.)  See more over at here.

Next week: the most banging petite Christmas jumpers?

F O L L O W  M E:

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