New Purchases Show & Tell – December 2017

New Purchases Show & Tell December 2017

As promised, I’ve brought you my New Purchases Show & Tell December 2017 earlier than usual.  The reason being is so that you can snoop at the the Christmas gifts I’ve got this year, for any of your last minute inspiration.

But don’t be thinking this is yet another Christmas gift guide; it’s not.  I’ve bought other things for myself too (as I did last year), although unlike last year I haven’t just ‘accidentally on purpose’ treated myself to a few things I want/need… Instead I’ve bought mine and David’s first Christmas decorations!

New Purchases Show & Tell December 2017

Bring on the Christmas gifts:

Call of Duty WW2 on Playstation 4 – 48 seconds in
Let’s start with the boyfriend – the one who I now live with and don’t trust to NOT go looking for these presents.  He probably already knows he’s getting this, well he did ask for it, but that’s not the point.  I’m a bit dubious that he may read this post or watch my video too, which if he does then that’ll definitely ruin the surprise for the next present…

Men’s Christmas Snowflake Onesie – 1:13 minutes in
As he knows what his main present will be (above), I had to get him a surprise gift of some sort – otherwise where’s the fun in seeing him opening his gifts?  So yep, that’s right, a Christmas onesie is definitely that kind of gift to surprise him with!  Hilariously, I’m not sure what his reaction will be to it, but I’ll update you after Christmas whether he wore it or not.

Swarovski Field Butterfly Pierced Earrings – 1:36 minutes in
Back to the more serious gifts.  Jewellery is always a winner, particularly stud earrings – the most wearable jewellery, if the giftee has their ears pierced of course.  That’s kind of essential.  Along with Swarovski being a brand that can make anyone go ‘Oooo’.

New purchases show & Tell December 2017

Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum – 2:16 minutes in
Along with jewellery, you can’t go wrong with gifting someone perfume either.  Although with perfume being subjective it can be tricky when choosing which one to pick.  I know for a FACT my sister likes this perfume, since I’ve bought this for her a few years ago.  (So surely she must have used it and is in need for another one by now…)

Nina Ricci Miniature Set – 2:50 minutes in
If you’re not sure which perfume someone likes, this gift idea isn’t totally lost just yet.  If you can at least remember a brand they like then you’re onto the money!  For me I remember David’s mum mentioning a Nina Ricci perfume she liked, although I can’t remember which one exactly, but now she can have them all.  Plus this time if I ask which one she enjoyed the most I’ll note it down for a potential present next year.

Clarins Pampering Selection Set – 3:17 minutes in
There’s a part of me that doesn’t like how beauty-influenced my Christmas gifts are this year.  But you know what?  At least I know people will actually use these presents.  Like my Nan, who’s really not that fussy, but enjoys a nice bath.  Enter a Clarins bath set, her Christmas present; done and dusted!

New Purchases Show & Tell December 2017 Christmas

The Rolling Stones On Air – 3:33 minutes in
I can have a little more fun when shopping for my Dad’s Christmas presents.  As we have a similar taste in music and film, I know what he likes. With us being both Stones’ fans too I know he’ll appreciate this.  (Now I just hope he’ll lend me this to listen to, at one point…)

Game of Thrones House Stark T-Shirt – 4:04 minutes in
I find it both sweet and funny that my Dad likes to wear TV show t-shirts.  (He has a Hisenberg/Breaking Bad t-shirt that particularly makes me giggle.)  So I had to get him a Thrones t-shirt with one of his favourite quotes from the show.  (Sadly though, it’s not ‘you know nothing Jon Snow’…)

Christmas decorations – 4:17 minutes in
Excitingly, David and I bought are first ever Christmas decorations this year.  This weirdly feels like a big deal when you become a homeowner, as I spoke about in this post.  It’s like you’re investing into future Christmas’s, because think about it; Christmas decorations are pretty much kept until they break.  Could I be seeing these baubles again when I’m 40?  Quite possibly, and god that’s a crazy thought.

Next month/year…

I let out a little scream inside as I typed ‘next year’.  It feels like only yesterday when I filmed my New Purchases Show & Tell for January this year!  However, this just goes to show how time can pass so quickly and that I should focus on spending my money more wisely.

Next year will certainly include home-related purchases, but I also want to invest in better equipment for my blog and YouTube channel.  Watch this space.

I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products. I just like to shop!


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New Purchases Show & Tell – December 2016


Catch up & watch

I did it!  I told you I would bring you my New Purchases Show & Tell December 2016 video and blog post before Christmas and here it is…

Of course I naturally post this series towards the very end of the month, but what with it being Christmas I thought otherwise.

A lot of things I’ve been buying this month have inevitably been Christmas gifts, so if you need any last minute ideas here’s a helping hand.

The Chase Board Game – 40 seconds in
The brother bloomin’ loves The Chase!  He races home from work to catch it, hilariously, so I had to buy him this.  It’s also a great idea to fill the time between finishing opening presents and waiting for Christmas dinner.  (Cos we all know that can feel like an age!)

Who Am I? Game – 1:26 minutes in
Onto my sister, she can be a difficult one.  Using my previous present inspiration in getting a game I saw this.  Not only for Christmas I thought she could play around with these with her flatmates when staying in having a drink.  Quite Instagram worthy too, which leads me too…

Glass Coasters for Instant Photos – 2:04 minutes in
My sister takes some great Instagram pictures, so what better way to show them off around the house than with some coasters?  Of course she’d have to print them first, or use her Fuji Instant camera to fill them up.  (Tip: I saw these on both Urban Outfitters and Asos, but they were half the price on Amazon. )

One Line A Day: Five-Year Memory Book – 2:27 minutes in
I so want this for myself now.  If you have anyone creative you still need to get a little something for then this is quite a unique idea.  The owner writes one line per day, then when he/she starts again next year they can read back on last year’s lines.  And so on, for five years, like a drive-thru diary?  (Tip: again this is cheaper on Amazon than Urban Outfitters. )

The Science of Interstellar by Kip Thorne – 3:01 minutes in
With another Star Warms film out you may know some diehard science-fiction loving fans out there.  This is supposedly not fiction I know, but it would suit anyone who bloody loves space, black holes and all the rest of it.  Foreword by Christopher Nolan too!

A 3 month Audible gift voucher – 4:03 minutes in
Finally for my Dad, who has a full-time driving job.  He likes to read books but can’t read when he’s driving (obviously).  He’s gone through all the audiobooks in our local library so I thought this would be a great gift for him.  It could also be good for podcast lovers who have long commutes.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Unifiant – 5:09 minutes
Enough with the Christmas gifts now!  Did you really think I’d make a New Purchases Show & Tell December 2016 series without buying anything for myself?  La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Duo is like a serum.  It clears up acne, blemishes and keeps them way at bay, trust me.  I had a sample and declare it a godsend.  Now, however, they’ve added this to a tinted moistruiser – I think all my skincare prayers have been answered!

ASOS Short Turn Up Pom Beanie / Flight tickets to Edinburgh – 6:02 minutes in
Mine and David’s main presents for each other for Christmas were flight tickets/a mini-holiday!  I can’t believe we haven’t thought of this before because we love traveling and getting away.  We decided on Edinburgh and watching some vlogs on YouTube it quickly become apparent how cold it is up there.  Hence this comfy ASOS hat.

So I fulfilled my promise of bringing you this blog post a bit early, in case you need any last minute gift inspiration.

Let me know if I have inspired you in the comments below and as always please leave any recommendations.  Until next year!

I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products.  I just like to shop!

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