Eve Lom Cleanser Review

Eve Lom Cleanser Review

You might have read in my New Purchases Show & Tell January 2017 that I treated myself to probably the most luxurious skincare product I now own.

At first I was scared to use the Eve Lom Cleanser, like I’d avoid wearing something expensive for the fear of breaking it.  (Okay so I might wear it anyway, but I make my point!)

However, after nearly five months of use, I think I’m finally ready to hand down my Eve Lom Cleanser review.  Also known as the most expensive cleanser I have ever tried.  So here it goes…

Eve Lom Cleanser Review

Eve Lom Cleanser Review

Why is Eve Lom Cleanser so good?  Let’s start with why I felt compelled to buy it.  When Eve Lom launched at Birchbox.co.uk I knew I’d heard the name somewhere before, but where?  A few minutes later I’d read that Vogue named it “possibly the best cleanser in the world”, and that was 25 years ago.  Today however it still remains the brand’s best seller!

Okay so I got sucked into the praise from Vogue, but I also had some Birchbox points to spend and so I just went for it.  That’s is a good enough excuse, right?

First Impressions

Remember I said I was scared to use the Eve Lom Cleanser at first, because it’s so damn expensive?  Well, the time to finally crack open this little pricy pot of goo came on my birthday of all days.  I had emptied my previous cleanser, so I took a deep breath and scooped out the appropriate amount.

Initially it felt like a creamy, yet tough-like balm (my proper scientific description), yet to then magically transform into a smooth velvety oil once warmed and massaged onto my skin.  My fingers glided across my face at such a pleasurably pace, I’d became so lost in the moment I continued to massage my skin for a further couple of minutes.  This is definitely the most luxurious feeling skincare product I have ever smothered across my tiny boat race!

Eve Lom Cleanser Review

7 Step Routine

There’s a 7 step routine?!  Oh yes there is, I did say it was luxurious, indulgent even (a word used to describe it from Eve Lom the brand itself!).  I couldn’t just wash and go with a product like this, so here’s what I had to learn to do every evening.  You’ll be pleased to know however I’ve shortened the amount of steps…:

  • Step 1: Apply the cleanser to my entire face and neck.  I’m also supposed to apply deep pressure to behind my ears with my fingertips, but I haven’t been doing this.
  • Step 2: Apply pressure again with my fingertips to my forehead, under eye area, jaw line, upper lip, corners of mouth and under cheekbones.  There’s a whole process to this with how long to hold for and how many times repeat which is listed in the accompanying leaflet.  Again, I’ve not been doing this every time.  I just don’t get the time to.
  • Step 3:  Soak muslin cloth (a key piece that is also included!) in hot water and wring out.  I press the muslin cloth on my entire face for 5 seconds.  The heat softens my skin and is supposed to activate essential oils – so I make sure the water is quite hot.  Then I repeat this 2 more times.


I really haven’t tried any other cleanser like this one and I never imagined how luxurious it could feel just to simply cleanse!  But enough on how it actually feels, does it actually do any good?  I’ve got to say, my skin does feels soft after I’ve followed this somewhat elaborate way to remove my make up.  Although I do still apply serum and oil before going to bed, which helps to keep my skin hydrated and replenished.

Despite the fact I’ve skipped a lot of the massaging trickery I’m supposed to do, I’ve found pressing a hot muslin cloth on my face and repeating this action has really been beneficial to my skin.  I still get blemishes, yet they’re softer and not as sore as before.  In a gross way they’re easier to pop too if I cave into temptation.  Although, I tend to leave them unpopped, as they’ll usually removed the next time I cleanse.

I’m certainly impressed and I can see (and feel!) why the Eve Lom Cleanser is so special.  Whilst I’ll be sad when I’ll start to scrape the bottom of this tub, at £55 a pop I’ll have to wait until I win the lottery to allow this to become one of my beauty regime staples.

Now my fear to use this product isn’t down to just how much it cost, I now don’t want to use it because of the realisation it will one day go, go and be gone.  (And I can’t afford to get it back.)


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New Purchases Show & Tell – January 2017

New Purchases Show & Tell January 2017

Catch up & watch

It’s my first one of the year!  My New Purchases Show & Tell January 2017 video and blog post in trying to start the year off right.

If you don’t know by now, I post a video and blog post every month showing and telling you all about my new purchases I bought that month.

I really want to make this series something good for this year, so watch on to see how I’ve started off this year.

New Purchases Show & Tell January 2017

As well as a video, I write a follow up blog post detailing the items I got too:

Eve Lom Cleanser – 31 seconds in
This was my naughty little treat I bought at the very start of this year and probably my first proper high-end skincare product.  I’d never usually spend anywhere close to £55 on a cleanser, but with a few Birchbox points saved up and Vogue once naming it “possibly the best cleanser in the world”; I was sold.  It does indeed feel very luxurious and melts away like no other cleanser I’ve tried.  My full and proper review to come soon.

Nike Woman’s Air Pegasus – 2:06 minutes in
This is NOT a New Year Resolution, new year new me, fitness thing, trust me!  I’ve ran before and my now ex-running shoes are totally beat (if I can shamelessly pinch that Americanism.)  I found going to a running shop to try on different fits and having my gait checked was so helpful.  I recommend it to anyone who wants to start running, although I’m yet to properly go out for a run in these…  When is the weather supposed to be clearing up again?

New Purchases Show & Tell January 2017 Nike Air Pegasus Running shoes

Moleskine Square Notebook – 3:43 minutes in
In all honesty, I vowed I’d start a bullet journal before it has seemingly exploded everywhere.  Or has it just exploded for me since I started one?  Who knows!  Basically I can create my own diary system and there’s no real rules about how I should use it.  For a project so big to keep me organised, I couldn’t resist buying a Moleskine notebook.  The squared pages help me draw grids, boxes etc.  (Read here and here for more Bullet Journal stuff!)

TopShop PETITE Spot Flute Sleeve Dress Dress – 4:50 minutes in
Being broke from Christmas and New Year didn’t stop me from buying some beautiful clothes!  This is one of two dresses I had to have right away from when I first saw them pop up on the TopShop app.  This one is actually a bit of a smock dress, which I’m really not used to but I’m slowly falling in love with.  I can easily dress this up or down.

New Purchases Show & Tell January 2017 TopShop Flute Sleeve Dresses

TopShop PETITE Peony Tie Sleeve Dress – 5:31 seconds in
THIS dress went straight into my online bag too, no questions asked.  I think it’s such a beautiful mix of colours, with some other lovely features I didn’t get to show fully in the video.  The dress has tie up sleeves, all the way down the arm, before blooming into a mental flute sleeve at the end.  (Crazier than the flute sleeve to the previous dress – I never knew I would love these!)  It also has a tie around the stomach, a slit in the back and a pretty white petticoat underneath I just love.  My dream dress so far this year!

Next Month…

I’m yet to spend a Debenhams £50 voucher from Christmas.  This will no doubt go on make up, there’s an Urban Decay in the Debenhams near me too so place your bets on it being an eyeshadow palette now…

Other than that, like I mentioned in the video I am all for suggestions and recommendations so please feel free to leave these in the comments section below!

I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products.  I just like to shop!


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