My Current 5 Favourite Lipsticks

Current 5 Favourite Lipsticks

National Lipstick Day comes round every year on the 29th July, which I’m thankful for (seeing as I didn’t manage to post this in time this year, but I’ll be early for the next)!  Plus, it’s the lipstick posts that often hook me into browsing which shades I want to add to my Pinterest’s Make Up Wishlist board.

So although the occasion has been and gone, I’d still like to share my current 5 favourite lipsticks of the moment.  I did manage to post the video in time, next year I’ll aim to do the same with the blog post too…

Mac Vegas Volt

Current Favourite Lipsticks Mac Vegas Volt

Jumping straight in with a perfect coral splash, it hasn’t taken me long to fall in love with Mac’s Vegas Volt.  Having been saved in that previously mentioned Pinterest board for well over a year (if not longer), I wish I’d have bought it sooner.

If you don’t know already Mac’s Amplified Creme collection promises luscious colour with a long lasting finish.  Mmm hmmm, don’t we all know Mac do not fail their promises in that!

Vegas Volt is also quite versatile; I’ve worn it around Christmas for a pop of festive red and I’ve worn it in summer too accompanied with casual floral dresses (as shown above).

Kiko 106

Current Favourite Lipsticks Kiko

I love eighties glamour.  So when I was hunting for a lip colour a la Jerry Hall in this pin I picked up Kiko’s Creamy Lip Gloss in 106.  I’ll admit it was a bit of a spontaneous buy and although it doesn’t pack as much sheen as a gloss can, it still has a perfect punch of ‘glammed-up’ red.

I found application tricky at first, despite being a pencil it can be quite slippery.  However, practice has made perfect and I now outline my lips before filling them in, creating and accentuating my lips natural outline.

Lipstick Queen Saint Pink

Current Favourite Lipsticks Lipstick Queen

I’m not a gal that wears red lipstick every day, so usually on my 9 to 5 I reach for a natural nude/pink.  For quite a while this was Lipstick Queen’s Saint Pink lipstick.  I felt it was the perfect natural shade that has the right tint of pink to pull my look together Monday to Friday.  (Believe me, I need something quick and easy in the mornings.)

The consistency is a dream too, like a lip butter but in a lipstick.  Sadly, I’m talking about this lipstick in the past tense if you haven’t noticed, as I’m scraping the barrel of it, quite literally.

Tom Ford Pussycat

Current Favourite Lipsticks Clinique

There are certain brands that conjure up such luxury that even if you only but own a small product of theirs like a lipstick you hold onto it dearly, to not use wastefully or treat it carelessly.  My one and only Tom Ford lipstick (Pussycat) is just that for me.

Pussycat is a dark pink matte that transitions into every season seamlessly.  The only thing that makes me sad about it is that I can no longer see the engraved TF in the lipstick stick itself.  Those times are sadly gone each time I wear it…  😔

Clinique Sweet Heart Pop

Current Favourite Lipsticks Clinique

The only lipstick to have made it it in my current 5 favourite lipsticks with a built-in primer.  Clinique’s Sweet Heart Pop Liquid is reminds me off the sticky sweet shades you might see being created in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Although this matte liquid lipstick smooths rather than sticks like candy and other liquid shades.  The colour pay off is so vibrant too, with this pink being just so rock n’ roll.

What’s your current 5 favourite lipsticks?  Let me know in the comments below!  I’m always ready to pin some suggestions…


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My 2 New Mac Lipsticks!

2 New Mac Lipsticks

I couldn’t post my Clinque Airbrush Concealer review without a post about my two new Mac lipsticks following it!  (Which I bought at the same time, before flying to Scotland, if that didn’t make sense…)

There’s nothing like a quick make up browse in the duty free section before a holiday.  In fact there’s nothing like having a quick browse at the lipsticks at Mac either.

So straight to the point; I bought Vegas Volt, a colour that had been on my wishlist for a while, and Hot Gossip, which was a bit of a impulse buy that didn’t leave me disappointed.

Mac Vegas Volt

Mac Vegas Volt Lipsick swatch

Like I said, Mac’s Vegas Volt had been on my wishlist for a long time.  Having a fair skin tone, I’ve always found coral reds suit me best.  So scrolling through Pinterest one day, as I quite often do, this orange hued red caught my eye and I pinned it immediately.

As much as I have a few Mac lipsticks now, I’m not a Mac addict like the many out there.  This means I still need to google exactly which finish this Mac lipstick has.  So after some very quick research, I’ve found Vegas Volt is an Amplified Creme Lipstick.  I agree that it leaves a creamy and long-lasting finish, yet without drying out my lips.

I couldn’t actually wait until I wrote this blog post before I wore it and I’ve wore it quite a few times over Christmas and my birthday.  That’s a good sign if there ever was one; a lipstick (not a book) you can’t put down.

Mac Hot Gossip

Mac Hot Gossip Lipsick swatch

Mac Hot Gossip is slightly different.  What I was really on the hunt for when I wandered over to the Mac counter was my next everyday lipstick; something natural and preferably pink.

I’ve heard all about Mac’s Velvet Teddy, but when I came to trying it on I was left a little underwhelmed.  Perhaps it’s my skin tone, but I didn’t feel like it added anything to my look?  Please do tell me if I’m missing something…

I had a Mac assistant helping me by this point and after a few more ‘have you got anything a bit pinker’ prompts from me we finally arrived at Hot Gossip.  On the road to baby pink, but more subtle and grown up.  Being a Cremesheen finish too, it’s not quite as lush in colour as Vegas Volt as it adds an almost glossy finish.  This lipstick also adds an extra kick of hydration; perfect for everyday wear.

(I managed to be patient with Mac Hot Gossip, so now that it’s opened, swatched and blogged about I can finally start wearing it to work!)

Mac Lipstick Vegas Volt Hot Gossip Swatches


If I haven’t done my two new Mac lipsticks justice in my other photos then I hope these swatches against my pale arm does!

The strength of the colour in both of the different finishes are quite noticeable here.  For my Mac Vegas Volt this was only one swipe, as for the Hot Gossip it took a few.

I’m really pleased with my two new Mac lipsticks! As is the case for every Mac lipstick, I love how the colours are so unique and the choice so varied; it’s no wonder everyone loves them.  Both have the delicious Vanilla scent too and will be getting a lot of wear from me!

Wha do you think?  What’s your favourite Mac lipstick?  Am I wrong about Velvet Teddy – let me know in the comments section below!


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