New Purchases Show & Tell – June 2018

New purchases show & tell june 2018

It feels like it’s been a while… I’ve been trying to post a video every day in June, which has consumed all of my spare time. So it’s nice to sit down, with my laptop, and write a blog post for once. In other words, let’s get started on my New Purchases Show & Tell June 2018, shall we?

June marks the first day of summer and we (as in me and my boyfriend) have definitely bought something this month to celebrate that. Otherwise I’ve picked up a few beauty purchases too, despite shopping in Sephora while I was in America.

New Purchases Show & Tell June 2018 video

Summer, summer time…

Outback Charcoal Kettle Charcoal Barbeque – 26 seconds
What could be more summery than buying a flippin’ barbeque?! This cool little red Outback model can fit nineteen burgers in it too! We’ve already christened it by hosting our first family BBQ the other weekend and it was a success. Plus I didn’t have to worry about doing the cooking.

Percy & Reed No Oil Oil – 1:27 minutes in
Here’s number one of the beauty products I wasn’t expecting to buy this month. Birchbox were celebrating their 5th birthday and were offering a little discount to their subscribers, so obviously I took them up on it. This is a styling oil, rather than a finishing oil, and doubles up as a heat protectant too.

New Purchases Show & Tell 2018

ModelCo Mega Lash Mascara – 2:18 minutes in
I also bagged this mascara from ModelCo with the Birchbox discount code. Although it’s your normal, run-of-the-mill mascara, it does give a nice fluttery effect to lashes, the main reason I bought it is because it does not smudge! Seriously. And that is like gold dust for mascara.

DIORSHOW ICONIC Overcurl Mascara – 2:36 minutes in
So yeah, I bought another mascara. If it’s any excuse this was a repurchase because this is probably one of my favourites I’ve tried so far, in my life. Now this one does give you good volume that is out of the ordinary. My lashes stay curled throughout the day/night too, as the name suggets. I didn’t film any footage in the above video, but I did here.

Urban Decay All Nighter Make up Setting Spray – 3:11 minutes in
This is a new product for me, one I haven’t tried previously. I’m quite looking forward to trying it if only because it receives some bloody brilliant reviews! I’m also quite intrigued to see if it has any over effect to my make up, other than prolonging its wear. I can feel a full review brewing…

Emma Gannon Multi-Hyphen book

The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon – 3:36 minutes in
I discovered Emma Gannon last year, then binged-listened (if that’s a thing) to her podcast and read her first book of the same name, Ctrl Alt Delete. She’s just released her second book about how there’s not just one career path anymore, or even one job title that people can refer to themselves as. It’s next on my reading list so WILL be appearing on my Reading Challenge. Stay tuned.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Spot Wand – 4:40 minutes in
I kind of hope you haven’t noticed, but I’ve been suffering with acne in the past couple of months. Concentrated around my chin/jaw area, it could be the wrong cleanser I was using (which I’ve since binned) or just my hormones playing havoc with my skin. I’ve yet to work out what’s caused it and sadly my skincare regime alone hasn’t moved it. For a spot treatment so cheap (£4.49) this little wand is so effective. Again, I should probably dedicate a review to it!

Next month…

Last July, I shared some presents I bought for my boyfriend’s 30th. This year he’s already made a pitch for his birthday present; a certain golf club. This isn’t exactly of interest to me, I doubt it’ll be of interest to any readers of this blog either, so I won’t be including it in next month’s New Purchases Show & Tell.

I can’t say I’ve planned what I’ll be buying this month though, which is a change. Hopefully we can buy another thing for the house and I can finally get round to buying some summer updates, in the form of clothes. (Like a particular shirt, if a particular sports team bring it home… ahem…)


I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products. I just like to shop!

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New Purchases Show & Tell – May 2018

New Purchases Show & Tell May 2018

Since vowing to post a video every day in June, my spare time has diminished. Hence the reason I’m late in posting this; an excuse, but a valid one. (I’ve really got to stop starting my blog posts this way.)

There are some holiday leftovers in my New Purchases Show & Tell May 2018. I mean, as I was out of the country for nearly half the month, there’s bound to be. But I’m saving all the purchases I bought while on holiday in a separate post and video. (I went to America and I went to SEPHORA! So this deserves its own post right?)

New Purchases Show & Tell May 2018 video

So here’s what I’ve been buying either side of my holiday…

Ultrasun Tan Activator Body 30SPF + Ultrasun Face 50+SPF – 24 seconds in
I was sold on Ultrasun after listening to Emma Gun’s podcast with the UK CEO. The level of protection, no greasiness and still catching a bit of a tan ALL attracted me to this product. The result; I was definitely protected, there was no grease in sight, although I’m not sure about the tanning bit… I wasn’t exactly sunbathing every day, but I didn’t tan much either (but then I rarely do).

ASOS Petite V-Neck Swing T-Shirt – 1:44 minutes in
I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect, white simple t-shirt, which is slightly loose-fitted with a V-neck for a while. (I know, not TOO much to ask for.) Every option I ordered came and was sent back, mostly down to the material being too transparent. To be honest, this ASOS option isn’t the best (it’s still a bit see-through), but it’ll do.

New purchases Show & Tell May 2018

ASOS Petite high waisted denim skirt – 2:32 minutes in
I’m really into denim skirts at the moment. I often wear another denim skirt I got from ASOS too, so when this popped up under What’s New it spurred on an ASOS order! It’s a little different to the other denim skirt I own. With pockets in the front and back, it has a front fastening and is a lighter denim in colour. As predicted, I’ve been wearing almost non-stop since ordering it.

Missguided Petite Polka Dot Playsuit – 2:53 minutes in
I think Missguided are getting their mojo back… I’ve not really felt drawn to their clothes for a while (they were too Kardashian for me, personally). But now it seems they’re back onto cute playsuits (like this one!) and other summery prints.

ASOS Toucan Wedge Sandals – 3:39 minutes in
Writing this post has made me realise I’ve gone and bought a whole outfit at ASOS. Haha! I did need some new shoes though, because I always get distracted by pretty dresses and playsuits (see above). So it’s time to focus on the day-to-day basics, and, more importantly, SHOES. These are perfect – a platform heel, which is flat and comfortable to wear. I have no idea what the link is to the tropical bird though (anyone know?).

New purchases Show & Tell May 2018

A Passage to India by E.M. Forster – 4:30 minutes in
After getting a few books read and added to my Reading Challenge whilst away in Florida, I needed a new read. I know that this is considered a classic and it’s set in an exotic country I’d love to visit one day, which are two good reasons why I’ve downloaded A Passage to India. Plus it isn’t too expensive on the Kindle store generally. Bonus!

Next month…

Florida is over and we don’t have another holiday planned for the rest of the year (yet). Although we do have the Great British Summer to look forward to. (If and when it appears.) It’ll be our first summer in our new house since moving in, so hosting a BBQ is in our sights. (Although first we’ll need to BUY an actual BBQ.)

And if ASOS keep coming up with the good stuff (as they have been in my recent ‘What’s New’ checks), then there could well be another ASOS order on its way to me… we’ll see.


I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products. I just like to shop!

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New Purchases Show & Tell – April 2018

New Purchases Show & Tell April 2018

New post: New Purchases Show & Tell April 2018. Wait a minute, April? Yes, judge me, I struggled keeping to time with my blog posts recently, I’d judge me too. Ever since mid-April hit, I’ve been counting down to a BIG holiday. All of my focus (and money) was spent on preparing for said BIG holiday, so much so that I fell behind on many blog posts (and here’s the start of the backlog).

I need to get this over and done with, so if you haven’t caught up with my New Purchases Show & Tell April 2018 video (it’s below for you to watch) then here it is in written form. Let’s just dive straight in…

New Purchases Show & Tell April 2018 video

At least my new purchases are year-round purchases, and are not SPECIFIC to April…

IT Luggage 4 wheel suitcase – 22 seconds in
I described this in my video as “probably the coolest suitcase, ever”. An overstatement? Maybe, but I’m seriously impressed with it. The thought has never occurred to me that the weight of my suitcase eats into my weight allowance. What makes this suitcase so cool is that it weighs NOTHING. (Okay obviously it weighs something…) But, I can actually lift this with one finger it’s so light. ONE FINGER!

TOMS Lexie Sandals – 1:01 minutes in
For my big holiday, I wanted to get some shoes that were comfortable in hot weather and practical for a lot of walking/standing. (A bit of a clue of where I might be going, but not much of one to be honest.) Toms are super comfy anyway so I’ve invested in some of their flat Lexie sandals. I’ll let you know how I get on with them…

New purchases: Toms Lexie Sandals

ASOS Mono Spot Bikini – 1:37 minutes in
Are you surprised to see a bikini in my new purchases when I’m about to embark on a BIG holiday? You shouldn’t be. Inthefrow is to blame, if anyone is. I loved the print of this cheap bikini in her recent swimwear haul and had to have a slice of the action myself. (That sounds weird, I meant I just really liked the bikini, so I bought it.)

Clinque Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm – 2:32 minutes in
Just a quick break from holiday purchases, for a moment. I was trying out a new cleanser that was breaking me out BIG TIME. So I was on the look out for another and bought Clinque’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm in the sale at World Duty Free (as I work near to a store). If your skin breaks out with harsh cleansers and prefers something more gentle, you should *honestly* give this a try.

New purchases show & Tell April 2018

Caudalie Tinted Moisturiser – 2:58 minutes in
This was a Birchbox discovery from long ago (cringes at the video) and become my favourite ever tinted moisturiser. Again, I’d been testing out a few overs, but I’ve gone straight back to this little beauty. It gives a good coverage for just a tinted moisturiser, which is kind of matte with the slightest glow (seriously just the slightest, though). Perfect for summer.

GoPro Shorty Mini Extension – 3:16 minutes in
VERY last minute purchase (along with the next) before my flight, but the panic of knowing if I had all the GoPro accessories I might need was real. (As I’m a GoPro owner now guys, since Christmas.) This little gadget was expensive (it’s GoPro branded) but I liked how I get two products in one – an extension pole and mini tripod.

GoPro Chest Mount Harness + Head Mount Strap – 3:49 minutes in
I couldn’t afford anymore GoPro branded accessories, so I bought a chest mount harness and head mount strap in one, with a lesser known brand. There were plenty of good reviews on Amazon, and having used non-GoPro branded accessories before, I’m sure this will do just fine.

New purchases show & Tell April 2018

Next month…

Next month, which is now at the time of posting, may have some holiday overspill (just to warn you now). But I would have already travelled to and returned from my BIG holiday when it comes to the time of posting it, which is a depressing thought. So there’s a chance a few holiday buys might make the list too.

Of course summer is ahead (or supposed to be) and I need to get a move on and actually make some preparations to tick off my ‘host a BBQ’ goal in my 30 before 30 list


I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products. I just like to shop!

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New Purchases Show & Tell – March 2018

New Purchases Show & Tell March 2018 Emma Rose Daniels

March has been a whirlwind month, right?! The Beast from the East introduced the month and sadly the weather hasn’t warmed up since. I also had my car’s MOT (groan) and I’ve been working overtime (which meant scoffing my face with Easter chocolate had to be delayed). But, spending on a few little rewards makes these gripes of mine a little more bearable.

My New Purchases Show & Tell March 2018 is still a bit random, much like last month’s. Since I’ve been doing this series for over a year now too, I can’t help but reflect back on what I was buying this time a year ago. Remarkably, there’s one big similarity which I shall divulge in a moment…

New Purchases Show & Tell March 2018 video

No worries if you can’t watch my video right now, I also give a quick little paragraph on each of my New Purchases below:

Bioderma Hydrabio serum – 26 seconds in
Surprisingly, my go-to serum has never made it into my New Purchases Show & Tell list (neither has my moisturiser, but more on that in a moment). If you have dry and dehydrated skin, like me, I’d recommend giving this a go. It’s the best serum I’ve tried so far for my skin type, and I haven’t stopped repurchasing it since. (Throwback: I first gave this a go after receiving it in my Birchbox UK September 2016!)

Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse Enriche – 1:30 minutes in
There’s a few daily moisturisers I’ve had that have helped my dry skin (this sounds like a blog post I should write), but recently I’ve become attached to Nuxe’s Crème Prodigieuse Enriche. This was another discovery via Birchbox and has stayed with me ever since. (BOTH of these items layer well too.)

New Purchases Show & Tell March 2018 skincare

Acuvue 1-day Moist Contact Lenses – 2:30 minutes in
I’m still *sort of* new to contact lenses. Having tried them for the first time in the last few years and having only tried one brand/type of them, it was time for a check up. As expected, my prescription had changed slightly but when I mentioned that my eyes can get dry wearing the brand of contacts I had the optician suggested I’d try Acuvue’s 1 Day Moist lenses. So far, so good – and they also block UV!

Tickets to The Rolling Stones! – 3:57 minutes in
At this time last year, I’d bought tickets to see the Gorillaz at Dreamland Margate, which turned out to be one of my favourite gigs of the year! This year, I’ve bought tickets to see The Rolling Stones in Stratford and I can’t blooming wait. Yes I know they’re quite old now, but until I have a time machine to transport myself back to any of their concert in the 60s or 70s, I’m quite content seeing them as they are. Thank you.

Acuvue 1 day moist contact lens

Next month…

As I mentioned in the video, I’ve felt my last few New Purchases Show & Tell’s haven’t been as exciting and interesting as they used to be. I hope you’ve still enjoyed watching/reading them all the same, but next month will mark a return of varied purchases that are not boring I promise you! This is mostly because I have a BIG holiday in May that I’m preparing for – more details will come soon.

I do hope this series hasn’t gone sour or has bored you, though. I’m not a ‘monthly favourites’ type girl and enjoy the currentness (is that a word?) of my New Purchases Show & Tell series. So for now, I will soldier on and I can’t wait to show you the things I’ve already been buying in April!


I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products. I just like to shop!

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New Purchases Show & Tell – February 2018

New Purchases Show & Tell February 2018

February may be the shortest month of the year, but I’ve still made some interesting purchases within it.  In fact, my New Purchases Show & Tell February 2018 could be the most random mix of purchases yet.  You’ll see why in a minute.

In my attempts to spend my money more wisely, I can say at least one of the items ticks this box.  This may not seem a lot, but I do only have four items to discuss, so one out of four isn’t bad, right?

New Purchases Show & Tell February 2018 video

Although I was still on the tight side this month (thanks to our boiler needing a new pump), here’s what I’ve been buying with the cash I had spare…

GoPro Wrist & Hand Strap – 22 seconds in
I was spoilt at Christmas by David, with my main present being a GoPro!  So looking ahead, we both have a big holiday coming up (which I’m yet to announce/talk about) and it’s about time I get some accessories for this baby!  I can definitely see a hand and wrist strap being useful on our trip and they both feel very secure when being worn.  Now I really want to get some more accessories, so please fill my comments box with recommendations!

GoPro Wrist Strap being worn

Thermal Curtain Lining – 2:06 minutes in
This is what I meant by my New Purchases Show & Tell February 2018 being random.  Thermal curtain linings?!  Yes, I know.  I’m not sure I would’ve known about thermal curtain linings before buying our house, or even buying our curtains!  After getting curtains from Ikea, because of cheapness (oh the cheapness!), they needed altering and lining sewn in too.  Luckily my mum is a whizz with a sewing machine, so she managed to alter and sew in these £22 curtain lining that I bought from Dunelm Mill.  Thus, saving us a lot of money on curtains.  Thanks mum!

Liz Earle Botantical Shine Shampoo – 3:53 minutes in
You’ve probably heard me mention this product before, but it has never featured in my New Purchases Show & Tell videos.  To tell the truth, I haven’t been too loyal to Liz Earle in the past year or so, mainly due to the price hike on it.  (A hike of £4 from a few years ago, when I bought it for £8.)  I have shopped around but I still really like this shampoo, so I treated myself by spending my Boots points on it.  (Still a bit annoyed about spending £12 for it though…)

New Purchases Show & Tell February 2018

The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation – 5:00 minutes in
Although I’m aiming to spend my money on more “important stuff”, I want to try and treat myself to a little beauty gift per month, to hopefully keep me from splurging!  So this month I gave The Body Shop Matte foundation a whirl.  I usually don’t like matte foundation (as it doesn’t suit my skin type), but this doesn’t dry me out, gives a natural coverage and, despite being a liquid foundation, doesn’t need a powder to finish.  Lovely!

Next month…

I was planning to spend more money on homely things this month, like getting our first house plant (so rock n’ roll).  Sadly though we spent money on the house in another way (thanks to the boiler, as I said).  Alas, at least we’ve got the curtains sorted.

There’ll be more home purchases to come next month and sadly my car MOT.  (Please pass, please pass, please pass…)  March is a longer month too, meaning more time to spend money on more things!  Spending wisely though, of course.


I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products. I just like to shop!

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