New Purchases Show & Tell – June 2018

New purchases show & tell june 2018

It feels like it’s been a while… I’ve been trying to post a video every day in June, which has consumed all of my spare time. So it’s nice to sit down, with my laptop, and write a blog post for once. In other words, let’s get started on my New Purchases Show & Tell June 2018, shall we?

June marks the first day of summer and we (as in me and my boyfriend) have definitely bought something this month to celebrate that. Otherwise I’ve picked up a few beauty purchases too, despite shopping in Sephora while I was in America.

New Purchases Show & Tell June 2018 video

Summer, summer time…

Outback Charcoal Kettle Charcoal Barbeque – 26 seconds
What could be more summery than buying a flippin’ barbeque?! This cool little red Outback model can fit nineteen burgers in it too! We’ve already christened it by hosting our first family BBQ the other weekend and it was a success. Plus I didn’t have to worry about doing the cooking.

Percy & Reed No Oil Oil – 1:27 minutes in
Here’s number one of the beauty products I wasn’t expecting to buy this month. Birchbox were celebrating their 5th birthday and were offering a little discount to their subscribers, so obviously I took them up on it. This is a styling oil, rather than a finishing oil, and doubles up as a heat protectant too.

New Purchases Show & Tell 2018

ModelCo Mega Lash Mascara – 2:18 minutes in
I also bagged this mascara from ModelCo with the Birchbox discount code. Although it’s your normal, run-of-the-mill mascara, it does give a nice fluttery effect to lashes, the main reason I bought it is because it does not smudge! Seriously. And that is like gold dust for mascara.

DIORSHOW ICONIC Overcurl Mascara – 2:36 minutes in
So yeah, I bought another mascara. If it’s any excuse this was a repurchase because this is probably one of my favourites I’ve tried so far, in my life. Now this one does give you good volume that is out of the ordinary. My lashes stay curled throughout the day/night too, as the name suggets. I didn’t film any footage in the above video, but I did here.

Urban Decay All Nighter Make up Setting Spray – 3:11 minutes in
This is a new product for me, one I haven’t tried previously. I’m quite looking forward to trying it if only because it receives some bloody brilliant reviews! I’m also quite intrigued to see if it has any over effect to my make up, other than prolonging its wear. I can feel a full review brewing…

Emma Gannon Multi-Hyphen book

The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon – 3:36 minutes in
I discovered Emma Gannon last year, then binged-listened (if that’s a thing) to her podcast and read her first book of the same name, Ctrl Alt Delete. She’s just released her second book about how there’s not just one career path anymore, or even one job title that people can refer to themselves as. It’s next on my reading list so WILL be appearing on my Reading Challenge. Stay tuned.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Spot Wand – 4:40 minutes in
I kind of hope you haven’t noticed, but I’ve been suffering with acne in the past couple of months. Concentrated around my chin/jaw area, it could be the wrong cleanser I was using (which I’ve since binned) or just my hormones playing havoc with my skin. I’ve yet to work out what’s caused it and sadly my skincare regime alone hasn’t moved it. For a spot treatment so cheap (£4.49) this little wand is so effective. Again, I should probably dedicate a review to it!

Next month…

Last July, I shared some presents I bought for my boyfriend’s 30th. This year he’s already made a pitch for his birthday present; a certain golf club. This isn’t exactly of interest to me, I doubt it’ll be of interest to any readers of this blog either, so I won’t be including it in next month’s New Purchases Show & Tell.

I can’t say I’ve planned what I’ll be buying this month though, which is a change. Hopefully we can buy another thing for the house and I can finally get round to buying some summer updates, in the form of clothes. (Like a particular shirt, if a particular sports team bring it home… ahem…)


I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products. I just like to shop!

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Birchbox UK – February 2018

Birchbox UK February 2018 unboxing

Where are we in the year?  February is the time of the year when L O V E (Valentine’s or Galentine’s) and pancakes start getting our attention. But Birchbox UK February 2018 wants to point us towards beauty in decades past.

From 70’s bronzing, 80’s neon colours and 90’s glitter – there’s plenty of beauty looks to look back on and inspire us.  (Or to avoid at all cost.)  After all, some beauty looks really have stood test of time.  Find out which of those might be included in this month’s box!

Birchbox UK February 2018 unboxing

True beauty is timeless is the theme behind the three different box designs this month, representing three different decades that we were given the choice between.

Usually I’d class myself as a 70s girl (based on my music taste and style preference).  Surprisingly though I felt more drawn to the 80s box by its design, so that’s the box I chose.  But it’s okay, the 80s still has David Bowie.  (Plus Modern Love, my favourite David Bowie song, was born in the 80s after all… Oh and I was born in the 80s too, come to think of it.)

Birchbox UK February 2018 samples


With a theme that looks back on beauty through the ages, will this be reflected in the sample selection for Birchbox UK February 2018?  There’s only one way to find out:

  • The Beauty Crop Eyeshadow Trio (FULL SIZE!)
    I’m not surprised to see an eyeshadow trio to represent beauty of this decade, but it’s a shocker that there isn’t a neon purple or pink shade!  (Proper 80s eyeshadow shades!)  Thankfully Birchbox have brought more wearable colours from past decades for us to wear in the modern day.  Although I do see a hint of purple in the darkest colour of this set!  (It wouldn’t be 80s without some purple…)
  • Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm (FULL-SIZE!)
    I knew a bright fuchsia pink would be somewhere in this box…  I’m just relieved it’s in a lip colour!  Regardless of colour, being a lip balm too makes it particularly useful for me at this time of year.  (80s themed or not!)
  • Percy & Reed Finishing Polish
    Hair.  Another big 80’s look and it was all about the BIG hair.  Again another surprise from this box was that the hair product wasn’t either a hairspray or mouse!  But to be honest, I’d have preferred a finishing polish anyway.  Luckily I curled my hair before filming my unboxing, which perfectly shows how this little number can add a final sheen to a styled look!

Birchbox UK February 2018

  • Luseta Coconut Milk Hair Mask
    I’m pretty sure hair masks weren’t a thing of the 80s, but by now I’ve realised a lot of these products were in the other decade’s boxes, so these samples aren’t specific to the decades.  Well, the majority of them aren’t anyway.  Besides, it’s always nice to try a spendy hair mask…
  • Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
    Balance Me have been impressing me recently with their products.  Although it’s a brand we see regularly in Birchbox that’s not to say I don’t enjoy their products.  Since receiving this eye cream I’ve been applying it day and night and my tired winter eyes already feel and look ‘smoothed’.  Maybe I do need some eye cream in my beauty regime…

Box round up

Hold the phone – do you remember in last month’s box round up I spoke about the full-size Keeome silicone buff makeup applicator as the February sneak peak?  Well looks like that never materialised…  (Anyone know why?)

I’d class this box as satisfactory, although I should give it more merit as I did receive 2 full-size items totalling over the price I paid for the box.  I am quite looking forward to next month’s box though, namely because the March sneak peak shows that we’ll be receiving a charcoal face mask, which looks like the kind that will be an absolute pleasure to peel off! (And I wonder if that full-size Keeome applicator will show up too…)

New to Birchbox?  Subscribe here to get 50% off your first box!


I have not been paid by, sponsored by or asked by Birchbox to make this blog post or video in any way – I just do it for the love!

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Birchbox UK – November 2017

Birchbox UK November 2017

Birchbox UK November 2017 is a big one – with a BIG collaborator -namely Vogue, having found out last month as a teaser on the back of the sample booklet.  (Oh, and my Birchbox is ON time this month.)

I doubt there’s ever been as big collaborator as Vogue and considering the iconic magazine works with hundreds of big brands, this surely means we’ll get some big names in our box too, right?

Birchbox UK November 2017 Unboxing

The theme this month is… THERE IS NO THEME!  I had to read the leaflet twice to check this, but yep, there is no theme mentioned.  But who needs a theme when you’re collaborating with Vogue? (Honestly, I can’t get over how big this is.)

Vogue celebrated its centenary last year and created their edit of 100 greatest beauty products of all time – and some of these items will appear in our box too!  *claps hands excitedly*  How exciting!  So, let’s get to the good stuff…


Birchbox UK November 2017

We had the choice of two box designs this month – I chose the one above, obviously, just because it looks more ‘Vogue’ to me, darling.  There were no teasers of which products may surprise us inside from last month’s box, which built anticipation!  (For me, anyway.)  Here’s what I got:

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
Percy & Reed Smooth, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil
L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Birchbox Brush Cleaner (FULL SIZE!)

Wow, okay, where to begin?  I hadn’t heard of Klorane before, but from only trying the dry shampoo, quickly and whilst filming my unboxing, I’m already considering buying it full size.  Many dry shampoos can leave my scalp feeling a bit itchy, but this really felt like it was gentle to my skin whilst soaking up unwanted grease too.  (Sorry if that’s TMI.)

I was very happy to see the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream as it is tipped to be one of the best in the industry.  I’m receiving this at a perfect time of year too, my hands are at their driest when the temperature drops, so it’s brilliant I’ll now be equipped with this.

Whilst Benefit is a brand that isn’t a stranger to Birchbox subscribers, it’s still a pretty big deal to receive the praised cult Hoola Bronzer.  (Even if it is sample size.)

Added Little Extras…

Birchbox UK November 2017

With all big collaborations, Birchbox are good to us and usually slip us another little offer.  This month, Birchbox subscribers have been given 6 complimentary issues of Vogue magazine, when buying a one-year or two-year subscription.

Box Round Up

Well wasn’t this a very exciting box?  And there was even the comeback of a Birchbox lifestyle item too!  Although I didn’t receive it in my Birchbox UK November 2017, I was quite impressed to see other subscribers getting a Clarins hand cream too.  (I love Clarins, you lucky devils.)

December is always a strong box and the only teaser Birchbox have given us so far is on the back of this month’s leaflet.  In the next few weeks we’ll have to make choice out of a festive lipstick; a classic party red, or a nicely natural tint?  Decisions, decisions…

Not a Birchbox subscriber? Subscribe here and get 50% off your first box!


I have not been paid by, sponsored by or asked by Birchbox to make this blog post or video in any way – I just do it for the love!

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