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Life Update: We Bought a House!

Life update: we bought a house!

If you’ve not guessed it already, David and I have only gone and bought a bloody house!  (Shocked face emoji.)  It felt like we were saving forever and then it all happened, quite quickly.

There’s no escaping the news that it’s tough to get on the housing ladder for us millennials.  (I don’t actually mind being called that.)  And tough it certainly was, but we’ve finally got there.  Although, we’re about to start a whole new journey now, into the world of interior design, paying bills and err, house cleaning?

So as we’re here, talking about the big move, I thought I’d explain why I didn’t want to leave this life journey away from my blog.  When I first started this blog, it was mostly beauty focused.  But in the short year since it began, its slowly evolved and taken in more of the things, interests and topics that make me me.

(Of course I have been blogging for many years before this, owning up to 4 blogs.  After regularly failing to keep up with them all, I finally decided to knuckle down and get focused with just one, as my main creative outlet.  That’s when I am Small but the World is Big was born!)

Anyway, I realise I’ve explained this enough, but as I near the end of my twenties I can’t help but feel reflective.  And it’s this reflective mood that’s made me want to start reflecting on the other areas of my life in blog form.

So if you want to follow a millennial on the slightly older side of the spectrum, who’s stepping into becoming a property owner, but still talking about beauty, lifestyle and travel on the side, I’d personally love it if you stick around.

Watch the vlog:

Applying for a mortgage and the whole ‘looking for our house’ process was quite daunting to me at first.  That’s why I’m thinking of filming a Q&A video, so feel free to throw any of those BIG questions my way!


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