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Welcome to my new blog!

You may or may not realise I’ve changed domains lately, which I hope you don’t mind and there’s a few reasons for this:-

First off, I fell behind, like majorly behind on this blog, which bugged me out a lot.  Then I also felt the blog needed a massive makeover and however much I tried to tweak, pull and sheen over it, I was just left with the feeling that it needed a huge clear out.

I felt like I could do more with it too, like introduce different content other than just make up reviews and, well, just make it more me.

So that’s where I am now – new blog, new design and a whole load of new content coming your way!

The old content hasn’t been entirely deleted and if (or when) I get the time to go through this with a fine tooth comb it may well come back.

But for now, I hope you can understand and will enjoy my blog’s new direction.

Emma x

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