3 Petite Dresses Perfect for Christmas Parties

Take a quick look at your diary, have you got any Friday’s free in December before Christmas?

I know I haven’t, in fact my diary is already full of work Christmas parties, or old people I used to work with Christmas drinks and other ‘because it’s nearly Christmas’ excuses to get together with.

Tis the season and all that.  Despite watching my bank balance take a fatal nosedive at this time of the year, what I do love is the dresses.  When else can you get away with gold sequins or glitter adorned dresses that would make even the 90’s jealous?

And for that reason, here are some my the best Christmas dresses I’ve seen out at the moment.  (I may or may not buy them all):

1. John Zack Petite Lace Bodice Chiffon Skater Dress

John Zack Petite Lace Bodice Chiffon Skater Dress

Nothing gleams of Christmas quite like this type of red.  When scrolling through my ASOS app this dress shone out brighter than a star on top of a Christmas tree.  Perfect for corporate office Christmas balls, with a lopsided gold Christmas cracker crown after a few wines into the evening.  See more over on ASOS here.

2.  ASOS PETITE Embellished Floral Flutter Sleeve Skater Mini

ASOS PETITE Embellished Floral Flutter Sleeve Skater Mini


Navy isn’t praised enough around this time of year, especially when combined with gold beads and sequins.  What makes this dress especially wishlist worthy (at the very least) is the goregous 70s inspired winged sleeves.  Something to make you feel as cool as Stevie Nicks.  See more over on ASOS here.

3.  Boohoo Petite Isobel Crushed Velvet Wrap Bodycon Dress

Missguided Petite Isobel Crushed Velvet Wrap Bodycon Dress at


Okay this dress choice might have thrown you, but can you really see crushed velvet looking as good in summer?  Nope me neither.  The fact that both the material and this on-trend colour is bound to fade out soon should get you wanting to wear it before something like camo comes back.  (Oh wait, camo is already back urgh.)  See more over at here.

Next week: the most banging petite Christmas jumpers?

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