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Bullet Journal: 6 month update!

Bullet Journal update

At the start of the year, I shared a few posts about my first ever venture into bullet journalling.  Now that I’m half way through year (and a bit) I wanted to give a quick bullet journal update on how it’s going, new pages and what I’ve learnt so far.

One of the things I have in the back of my mind when I start creating projects like this is being a middle child.  I’d read somewhere that one of the ‘traits’ of being a middle child was to create many different project ideas, but to often leave these unfinished.

WELL, I try to rebel against this (in the same way I do about being forgotten about!).  Although this is actually one of my purposes in starting a bullet journal; to not forget.  So I’m pleased to report not only has this project kept going, but its also helped me avoid leaving other ideas in the dust too.  Here’s how it’s gone so far…

Future Log

Bullet Journal update

At the start of year, I wasn’t sure how my future log was going to progress.  I thought I might have oh sooo many events happening that July through to December would need their own page!

It turns out that although I do have quite a few events going on, there’s still enough room on this double page spread.  I’m pretty pleased about that because it’s nice to have everything in one place and I’ll adopt this for next year too.  (I’ve been keeping only very important dates on this page, rather than day-to-day things like doctors appointments, reminders, etc.)

New Page Ideas:

TV Series Tracker

Bullet Journal TV series tracker page

Browsing through Pinterest for bullet journal page ideas, I was inspired by the idea of a TV Series Tracker page and damn, it’s been useful!  Admittedly I don’t have many TV series here, but I’ve found when I have jotted one down its really kept me motivated to finish the season.

As you can see I’ve finished The OA and the People Vs Oj Simpson, but I’ve got some catching up to do on Twin Peaks and Pokémon Indigo League.  (Ahem, don’t judge.)

Watch List

Some of you might remember if you read my Bullet Journal Set Up post that I have a ‘To Watch’ list in my weekly spreads.  Although this is helpful in reminding me to actually take some time to watch a film or TV series I want to, I was forgetting about some others that couldn’t fit in the small box.

Enter; the Ultimate Watch List!  I’ve created a page just to note down EVERYTHING I want to watch so none are forgotten about.  So if I do tick off my ‘To Watch’ list, I have another reference to fill it back up again.

Lists & Plans

Bullet Journal page ideas inspiration

Flat lay props?  Every month I have a free page directly opposite my monthly to-do list (another page that has been very helpful).  I fill these pages with a number of different lists, plans or notes.

So, in this example I wanted to keep track of different props I’ve seen blogger’s use in their flat lays.  The purpose?  So I can get better at mine.   I’m also trying to rack my brain for ‘About Me’ video ideas for my YouTube channel and I’ve also used this space for Valentine Day card and gift ideas, workout plans and new bank account research.

Bullet journal update - exercise plan

What I’ve learnt so Far:

With this being my first ever bullet journal, I’ve definitely learnt some things I might like to change for next year’s.  I can ramble on, so I’ll keep things short and sweet in bullet points, also known as a favourable bullet journal format!

  • My weekly spreads look better when I use a ruler, instead of hand-drawing them. (Don’t be lazy!)
  • I need to start taking my bullet journal everywhere with me.  Inspiration can strike at any moment!
  • Next year, my bullet journal will replace my usual diary because of this.  There’ll be no more diary.
  • Yes, the Pikachu sticker has disappeared.  I don’t know where.  I’ll buy a label maker for next year’s bullet journal!  (I’ve always wanted one anyway…)Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Set-Up
  • Continue with coloured pencils for decoration, pencils do not run through the next page.
  • I need to choose a pen I know I can repurchase.  I’ve made the mistake this time of picking a pen I was given free at a conference.  When this runs out it actually horrifies me that my bullet journal might have TWO different pens!
  • I’ll start to decorate week days with highlighters instead of pencils, on the weekly spread pages, to save time.
  • I need to make more use of stickers and tape.  I have these, why don’t I use them?


It’s safe to say, I’m still really loving and feeling the benefit of bullet journalling half a year later.  For next year I’m already excited about my bullet journal taking in/absorbing my usual planner diary and getting way more use.

Looking ahead, I’m hoping to film a comparison video when it comes to my first BuJo (I LOVE this abbreviation!) anniversary as a bullet journal update, but this won’t be until the new year.  Next year will also bring innovative bullet journal ideas, like page dividers and better designs.  I’m only just getting started…  


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