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Our first Christmas tree in our first home

Baubles on our First Christmas tree

I’m not one to usually get excited about Christmas.  I’ve been called a grinch, a scrooge, but it’s not that I don’t enjoy Christmas.  I just have a limit to Christmas.

I’m all for staying in from the cold, seeing family and of course eating plenty of food.  I even like a good Christmas jumper!  But I draw the line at Michael Bublé on repeat (sorry to anyone who’s a fan) and Christmas decorations before December 1st.

But despite being a reserved Christmas fan (a reserved Christmas fan?), I’ve always liked Christmas trees.  Christmas trees have never made me cringe, unlike people referring to Micheal Bublé as ‘the Boobs’.  (Sorry, I just really don’t like Bublé.)  Christmas trees make Christmas, in my opinion.  They warm my heart.  Micheal Bubleé doesn’t.

Feeling festive

David and I made our biggest purchase in our lives so far earlier this year; we bought our first home together.  With moving out into our own place, I realised we’ll be in complete control of our own Christmas decorations. But when the Christmas period began creeping up on us it made me groan somewhat… (more expense!).

Getting out first Christmas tree

We’re definitely feeling the pull on our purse strings and Christmas decorations – like a tree, baubles, tinsel, wreath and, who knows, even one of those a random reindeer ornaments and a wooden carving that spells out ‘NOEL’ – all adds up.  We haven’t even bought blinds/curtains for our living room yet, how are we going to afford Christmas decorations?!

But I was in for a bit of luck as I was gifted a Debenhams Gift Voucher (from work, what a Christmas bonus).  So David went out to buy the Christmas tree (it had to be a real one, not fake) and I shopped the website for our first Christmas tree decorations!

Christmas tree colour theme

I understand a strict colour theme for a wedding, an Instagram grid but for a Christmas tree?  No, I don’t believe in such madness – another thing I simply draw the line at, in terms of Christmas do’s and don’ts!

Silver Reindeer Christmas tree decoration

Silver glitter stag Christmas decorations from Debenhams

I prefer an assortment of decorations, with different colours and varied levels of sparkle.  (Although, admittedly I do like an overall ‘warm’ theme over a ‘cold’ one, so I went easy on the silver decorations.)  A robin is a must-have for me, too.  (I very nearly ordered a walrus bauble out of sheer enjoyment to have something completely odd on the tree as well.  But I held back – maybe next year.)

The finishing touches included a massive gold and glittery star to top off our tree (although it’s a bit wonky – does anyone ever get theirs straight?) with multi-coloured LED lights that have 8 different settings – not to be messed with.

Robin Bauble

I love this podgy robin bauble from Debenhams!

Our first Christmas tree

So after a busy day at work on Friday, the stresses soon swept away when I walked into our living room that night.  David had not only bought in the Christmas tree – but he decorated it too!  (It’s okay, I told him to do so.)

And for someone who’s not that Christmassy, I was quite pleased and excited to see it.  (So much so that I instagrammed it straight away.)

Our first Christmas tree

Gold pine cone bauble from pack of 62 Christmas set

And although I now can’t spend my Debenhams voucher on more Mac lipsticks or another Urban Decay eyeshadow palette (like I did last year) I feel a little, dare I say it, Christmas cheer.  The thought of these being our first Christmas decorations that will build up into a collection was quite a warming thought.  Now to wrap up our presents!

Have you bought any of your own Christmas decorations yet?  Which ones are your favourite?  Let me know in comments below – I still regret not buying the walrus.


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