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Hello Goodbye Ballie Ballerson

Ballie Ballerson

As you might know from my What I got for Christmas post or from already seeing my Instagram, I went to Ballie Ballerson last weekend!

The tickets were a present from my brother from Christmas and it was kind of perfect.  Myself and my friends tend to go out in the east (of London), where Ballie Ballerson is.  Plus, we’re always looking for weird and wonderful, quirky bars.

So, what is it exactly?  Ballie Ballerson is a pop-up bar with an adult-sized ball pit bar in the Dalston area of east London.  Or was, I should say, as Ballie Ballerson has just seen its last weekend.

That’s not to say the chance to jump in an adult sized ball pit is missed though!  No, Ballie Ballerson is simply changing to Glowy McGlow soon.  From what I understand, the giant ball pit remains, but the balls have changed to glowy type balls, instead of the children’s multi-coloured ones, reminiscent of childhoods everywhere.  (Sigh.)

Ballie Ballerson

Adult Ball Pit

I’ve never seen my brother so happy…

Admittedly, I was duped by various images and videos online that we’d have the ball pit all to ourselves. I was wrong, obviously.  I asked the doorman about the ball pit’s capacity when there was a bit of a queue to get in on Saturday night.  Fifty people can fit in, he answered – FIFTY!

Luckily I don’t think there were that many people in there on our visit, but still enough to seriously worry about standing on somewhere’s arm, leg or head who might’ve been buried underneath all the balls.

The balls came up on me waist height, and I’m a petite 5 ft 2 inches.  Sitting down in them I was definitely swamped and getting back up was a serious challenge.  So ball diving and ball swimming are all easily possible, as long as there’s some space!

And that’s the problem…  Space.  When I was surrounded by wannabe east London hipsters who ball dive in every direction, space is limited, to say the least. (Or at my own risk.)

Ballie Ballerson

Other than getting annoyed mostly by other people, which can be common place in any bar, (especially in east London) it was very enjoyable.  It would be even more of a blast if we really did have the place to ourselves, or attended on a quieter night.

The Cocktails

Ballie Ballerson Cocktails

The real gem of Ballie Ballerson to me wasn’t especially the adult sized ball pit, but actually the cocktails.  This was totally a surprise to me, I knew sweet flavoured cocktails were on offer but I didn’t know how good they’d taste!

I’ve been to my fair share of trendy east London bars serving cocktails, but Ballie Ballerson actually has some to shout about.  I had one deliciously tasting like a Wham Bar, whereas one of my friends went for Skittles.  And if I’m honest, his was better (it actually had Skittle flavoured foam on top)!

Drinks are not allowed in the ball pit, much to my relief – and the balls are regularly cleaned too.  Squeaky clean!

Glowy McGlow?

Despite moving on to another bar after our allotted ball pit time was up, we had fun.  I would be intrigued to check out Glowy McGlow, now that Ballie Ballerson’s time is up.  Especially to try their new menu of cocktails – all named after planets!  And maybe on a quieter night…

Sidenote:  Sorry my pictures aren’t that great!  It was pretty dark in there and I needed the flash.

I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review Ballie Ballerson.  I just thought you might like to know about it!


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