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New Purchases Show & Tell – August 2016


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August – the Sunday of summer?  Sadly yes, although that doesn’t exactly reflect what I’ve been buying and loving this month.

Whereas last month my focus seemed to be mostly on fashion, August has been totally different.

In this month’s New Purchases Show & Tell there’s been a real mixture – I’ve even surprised myself!

Topshop Petite Embroided Gillet – 7 seconds in
This might be the only fashion piece I wanted to include this month.  I’ve been trying to save and I’ve so far resisted going on any big shopping spree for clothes.  But when I saw this gillet, which I tried on back in January, reduced to only £15 from £78 I almost bought it for the sake of a bargain!  I do like it too though, but I could need some help styling it >_>.

A Song of Ice and Fire – A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin – 1:02 minutes in
Oh yes. I cannot bear the long wait until series 7 – Game of Thrones fans will relate!  So to try and still get my Game of Thrones kick I’ve started reading the books.  I’ve dusted off book 1 (A Game of Thrones) and I am already over half way through book 2 (A Clash of Kings).  I’d seriously recommend it to any fans feeling the itch and also enjoy reading – good for picking up on the bits you’ve missed, with some extra scenes!

Spotify Premium – 2:05 minutes in
I got sucked into the 99p for 3 months deal and although I wasn’t expecting to find that much difference in listening to music through premium, I’m actually really enjoying it!  A real pleasure to now be able to listen to albums in the order they’re meant to be in, and not shuffle.  I might even make my own playlist.  Let me know if you’d be interested in following it!

Gordon Ramsay Dash – 4:02 minutes in
I never thought a mobile game would fit into my New Purchases Show & Tell, but nope, Gordon Ramsay Dash has me totally hooked!  If you’re into fast paced cooking games, that are way more exciting than they actually sound by that description, give this one a try.  So addictive!

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops – 5:06 minutes in
If, like me, you’re one of those people who enjoy trying to tan in summer (or fail instead and slap on the fake tan), you might look a bit mismatched when applying your foundation.  Instead of buying a whole new foundation for your summer skin tone, The Body Shop have brought out these rather handy shade adjusting drops. Just mix with your foundation before applying.  Lifesaver!

Stranger Things – 5:51 minutes in
You’ve all heard about it, read about it on your friends statuses and yes, it really is worth watching if you like the sound of an 80’s inspired film that’s quite Stephen King, Goonies and E.T. all mixed together.  Watch it!

That’s all for this month – make sure you follow me through my blog or any of the social links below to see what next month brings!

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Emma x

I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products.  I just like to shop!

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