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And there I was last month thinking ‘I bet my New Purchases Show & Tell November 2016 will be full of Christmas gifts…’

Sorry to disappoint anyone – but it’s not.  I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping yet – which is very unlike me!

So if like me, you’re inevitably leaving it to the last minute and want to spend a little more on yourself first watch my video below!

H&M Jumper – 31 seconds in
I’m so happy I spotted this, it’s reignited my fondness for H&M’s budget friendly clothes.  Despite being under a tenner, the quality of material isn’t too bad and I really love the mixture of colour.

Orelia Flat Heart Stud Earrings – 1:04 minutes in
Everytime I seem to browse the jewellery on ASOS Orelia always catches my eye.  Delicate yet still quite cute, I couldn’t resist getting these when they were on offer.

ASOS PETITE Lisbon Mid Rise Jeans in Blackened Oxblood – 1:25 minutes in
I’ve been wanting a pair of dark red jeans for a while now.  These jeans, however, did not look quite the colour I was expecting them to be.  I ordered anyway, as they were close enough and then got another shock when they arrived!  They’re more s dark purple kind of red, which is not really representative from the website photos.  But, I like them anyway.  (And they’re a really good fit!)

Miss Selfridge PETITE Lace Sleeve Top – 2:00 minutes in
Something I don’t usually go for, but I decided to follow my inner boho Alexa Chung wannabe voice!  Boho will definitely make a comeback next spring/summer people, you heard it here first people…

Miss Selfridge PETITE Floral Kimono – 2:35 minutes in
Okay, so if I was following my inner boho voice with the previous Miss Selfridge top then maybe I was following my inner geisha for this one? Another item for both warm and cold weather, which adds a touch of class to casual outfits.  And it was in the sale.

Dorothy Perkins Petite Wine Velvet Pinafore Dress – 2:59 minutes in
Pinafore dresses are definitely the dresses of the season right now, although I’ve loved them for years. I can’t help but notice the abundance of choice in pinafore dresses we’ve had this autumn/winter.  Nor can I seem to be able to resist this burgundy colour in clothing, have you noticed?!

Dorothy Perkins Petite Grey Herringbone Trousers – 3:21 minutes in
I bought these on a whim, thinking I’d end up returning them.  However, low and behold I was actually impressed with the fit, which is not too tight and the comfort level.  They’re also perfect height wise for shorter than average people (like me).

Phillip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo – 3:41 minutes in
Extortionate for dry shampoo, I know.  I would have never considered buying it if I hadn’t tried a sample first.  Fantastic at refreshing hair and doesn’t leave any ‘grit’.  A dry shampoo that actually cleans, rather than texturises.

NUXE Crème Prodigieuse – 4:32 minutes in
I only received this in my Birchbox at the beginning of this month, which should tell you how much I was impressed with it!  It calms redness wonderfully and provides a pretty decent base for make up too.

Next month I promise I should have some Christmas gifts to talk about, to give you all any last minute ideas!

Until then, as always please feel free to leave any recommendations based on what I’ve been buying in the comments section below.

I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products.  I just like to shop!

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